The ancient benefits of the thermal springs of Ischia


Ischia is an island of volcanic origin with one of the greatest and most important hydrothermal heritages in the world. Already the Ancient Roman used its thermo-mineral waters for rehabilitation treatments, rheumatic diseases, arthropathy, muscle-tendon pain, gynaecological treatments, peripheral vasculopathy and eudermic treatments (dermatology and cosmetology). 

The main characteristic of Ischia's springs is the production of warm and radioactive waters, very rich in minerals. The most important factor of natural radioactivity is the Radon noble gas which, at very low concentrations, has healing virtues beneficial.  

There are many mechanisms by which thermal water carries out its actions: heat, pH, radioactivity and chemical-physical composition. Today, however, the exact method of operation of these waters is still unknown. Nevertheless, it brings undeniable subjective and objective improvements, testified by centuries of thermal therapies for the treatment and prevention of numerous skin diseases. 

The thermal water of Ischia has obtained for a long time recognition from SIDEMAST (Italian Society of Dermatology) for its therapeutic value, particularly in the case of psoriasis and spots. 

Known as the Island of Eternal Youth, Ischia attracts millions of tourists from all over the world for its unique thermal baths. In Ischia, you can find both spas in hotels and thermal parks, where you can find thermal water pools surrounded by lush gardens.

Moreover, there are some beaches where you can find hot water in the sea such as Cartaromana, Sorgeto, Citara and San Montano. Particularly at Sorgeto, you can find hot water directly in the sea, but careful: on the shore, the water is so hot that you could get burned!

The healthy treatment of the thermal baths of Ischia at home

Admiring the natural beauty of Ischia and having a bath in its thermal springs is an unforgettable and must-see experience. But in the case, you want to go on your thermal treatment and "to bring Ischia at home", an excellent solution is offered by Ischia Beauty: a company with decades of experience that is the result of years of research in Cosmesi Termale, flagship of Ischia. 

Ischia Beauty goes over the normal standards of thermal cosmetics: efficiently it combines tradition with highly effective innovation, constantly updating the use of every product in the best way. 

Indeed, after careful study of the therapeutic properties of thermo-mineral waters, Ischia Beauty has chosen a hyperthermal (70°C) salt-sulphate-alkaline-earthy water for its products. Because this water is very close to the more complex physiological solutions used in medicine where in addition to the sodium chloride, we find saline elements like calcium, potassium etc., indispensable to the cell's life. 

Besides the own active mechanisms of thermal water, Ischia Beauty improved the cosmetological treatment of these waters, matching them with phytoextracts capable of mitigating and correcting the deepest blemishes, preventing skin ageing and guaranteeing the maintenance of fitness and beauty. 

The benefits of thermal cosmetics

Thermal water's cosmetics are cosmetics where the groundwater composition, normally in the formulations, is replaced by thermal water for adding in constituents, specific for the kind of product, the mineral component and increasing the effects. 

 The products also act as a vehicle for the minerals naturally contained in the thermal water, helping the skin to rebalance the right cell turnover. They make great results also for skins in particular and stressful conditions.

Thermal water's cosmetics are a very good substitute for traditional cosmetics during your beauty routine. Their thermal component hasn't a limitation in the use, because the water is full of mineral salts that make it suitable for every kind of skin.

Considering the formulation of the product, adding thermal water facilitates and actives the penetration of functional elements. Moreover, considering its high amount of sodium and potassium, it brings these elements into the cells, acting on the ion-exchange pomps of cellular membranes. This helps to have a faster result. 

Ischia Beauty cosmetics offer excellent value for money, nice packaging and, especially, the guarantee that every product gives the best of what Italian thermal cosmetic has to offer!

One of the flagship products of Ischia Beauty is Ischia Thermal Dol, a natural remedy against muscle and joint pain. Together with the Thermal Water of Ischia, world-renowned for its anti-inflammatory power, this cream contains other important ingredients, such as:

  • Capsicum Frutescens Oleoresin (black pepper from Cayenna) with a thermogenic capacity;
  • Methyl Nicotinate: improves and promotes circulation;
  • Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, with antiseptic, regenerating and stimulating properties;
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, with a particular antiseptic action;
  • Salvia Sclarea Oil: sortes spasms and is antiseptic.

Ischia Thermal Dol is the perfect massage for your shoulders, chest, legs, neck, upper and lower limbs pains. It is perfect for your sports activity as well as during your trekking around Ischia.