Naples is a walk in the alleys among the others, Naples is a dream and the whole world knows it
Pino Daniele

Naples is ... from the arts to the popular tradition

Naples can not be described, it would be like trapping a thought, a logic, a way of life in a few words. Naples is everything. Naples is nothing. Naples is a real magic. It is for many the most intriguing city in the world. It lives in the shadow of Vesuvius, as if nothing had happened, in a perennial status quo. Naples is not only in the usual cliché, it is also sunny, it is also sea, but it is music mixed with the noisy voices of the alleys of the neighborhoods, it is the sea air that intoxicates you and the heat of the fire that burns under our feet keep active.

Naples is a woman who instigates you, who keeps you on your toes but intrigues you, but you can not help but go crazy for her, because there are none like her. 

Naples is music, art, history, popular tradition, Naples is all in the following video.