What is better than a sea bath on a hot summer day? Naples is a city that can offer a lot of wonderful places where you can spend a relaxing day at the seaside. Let’s find out together what are the most beautiful places!

The Gaiola beach

The Gaiola beach The “Gaiola” beach is one of the most beautiful and famous in Naples. This beach is divided into two parts, both completely free: one part is included in the Gaiola park, in order to enter in this part you will have to show a document at the entrance. The other part is completely free you don’t have to show any document. However, it is advisable to go there as soon as possible in order to take the best places as it is the most popular part and, especially on warmer days, it will be particularly crowded.

How to reach Gaiola beach

The Gaiola beach is situated in Posillipo. The faster way to reach Posillipo is to take the Metro Line 2 in Garibaldi square and get off at the Mergellina station. Going towards the seafront you will findSannazzaro square and after few meters Leone square. Here you can take the bus 140 that will bring you in Capo Posillipo. Here you have to going down the little street on the left, just before the bridge, this little street is calledGaiola Descent. That little street will bring you directly to the Gaiola Park.

Necessary expenses

Metro’s tickets: 3 € (2 tickets, 1,50 € for each ticket) Bus tickets: 3 € (2 tickets, 1,50 € for each ticket)

Miseno and Miliscola beaches

The Miseno and Miliscola beaches are perfect for a day at the sea without spending too much. You can choose to go on the free beach or to go in one of the many bathing establishments. You can choose between the fun and the aperitifs that offer the bathing establishments or a quiet relaxation with your family on the beach.

How to reach Miseno and Miliscola beaches

To get to the beaches of Miseno and Miliscola, starting from the historic center, you must take the metro line 1 at the station of Piazza Dante and get off at the station of Medaglie d'Oro. Not far from there, from the terminal of Piazza Muzii, there is a shuttle bus that takes you to Capo Miseno. The shuttle leaves from Vomero at 8:00am, 9:00am, 10:00am and 11:00am and returns from Miseno at 3:00pm, 4:00pm, 5:00pm and 6:00pm.

Necessary expenses

Metro’s tickets: 2,60€ (2 tickets, 1,30€ for each ticket) 

Shuttle bus' tickets: 7€ (2 tickets, 3,50€ for each ticket)

Lo Scoglione (The big cliff of Marechiaro)

The big cliff of Marechiaro is one of the most suggestive places where you can swim. It is a long cliff where you can stay with your own towel or rent a crib from the stands on the area. The entrance is free but the number of people that it can contain is limited so it is advisable to arrive as soon as possible to get the best seats.

How to reach the Scoglione of Marechiaro

In order to reach it you have to arrive at Calata Ponticello in Marechiaro. To arrive to Marechiaro,starting form Garibaldi square, you have to take the Metro Line 2 and get off at Mergellina station. Going towards the seafront you will find Leone square, here you have to take the bus 140 and get off at the Posillipo-Rione Primavera stop. In order to arrive on the cliff there will be a boat of fishermen of the area that will bring you there for only 5 €.

Necessary expenses

Metro tickets: 3 € (2 tickets, 1,50 € for each tickets) Bus tickets: 3 € (2 tickets, 1,50 € for each ticket) Boat: 5 €

Sorrento Peninsula: Ieranto

If you are in Naples you must spend a day at the Sorrento Peninsula. Here there are a lot of beautiful places where you can spend a fantastic day near the sea. The Ieranto Bay is one of them.

How to reach the Ieranto beach

You can reach this wonderful bay descending a path of about 4 km. It will be tiring, especially on the hottest days, but in the end it will be worth it. The Ieranto Bay is part of Nerano, an hamlet of Massa Lubrense, a town near Sorrento. Nerano con be reached by SITA buses that can be taken in Garibaldi square in Naples, or directly outside the Circumvesuviana station in Sorrento. The Circumvesuviana train can be taken in Garibaldi square in Naples. Once you arrive in the square of Nerano, you have to follow the main road that goes downhill for a few meters and you will find the entrance of the path on the right.

Necessary expenses

Circumvesuviana tickets: 7,20 € (2 tickets, 3,60 € for each tickets) Buses tickets: It depends on where you take it

Amalfi Coast: Arienzo

Another area that you can’t miss is the Amalfi Coast. Positano, Praiano, Amalfi are all beautiful towns. But there is another little town between them, Arienzo. Arienzo’s beach is really a pearl. It is also known as the “three hundred steps” beach because it is the number of steps you need to descend before you reach it. You can choose to stay on the free beach or go to a bathing establishment. Moreover, this beach is never too chaotic.

How to reach the Arienzo beach

Reaching Arienzo is easy, you have to take a SITA bus in the central station square of Naples or Sorrento.

Necessary expenses

SITA buses tickets: it depends on where you take it

Eventual expenses for the bathing establishments

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