Sannio: the beauty of Sant'Agata de' Goti and Telese

Today we will take you on an exciting journey that will allow you to get to know in depth two splendid towns of the Benevento Sannio: Telese and Sant'Agata de'Goti. The Sannio is a region rich in history and culture, monuments and naturalistic and landscape beauties and it is definitely worth a visit.  An adventure that you will not live alone, because we have chosen for you a guide with great experience and professionalism, for whose knowledge however, we ask you to wait a moment. And while waiting to set out, it is right to say a few words on another of the region's peculiar characteristics: the excellent wine production. In fact, there are numerous excellent wines produced in the area that we advise you to taste and enjoy "and to elect as your second travel partner", all DOC specialties of renowned fame . We refer to Benevento, Falanghina del Sannio, Aglianico del Taburno, Solopaca, Piedirosso, Taburno Coda di Volpe, just to name a few of the most famous. You are ready. Get on the road now and don't worry about the alcohol level, you won't be driving! 

On a trip to Telese: the Sannio spa

The first stop on your journey is the charming town of Telese Terme which lies placidly on the slopes of Mount Pugliano. The history of the Benevento town begins in Roman times, with the foundation of the city of Telesia, whose existence ended abruptly in the fourteenth century due to a violent earthquake that destroyed it.

From that moment on began the modern events of Telese which initially was a small fiefdom, which underwent various dominations, including those of the Grimaldi who annexed the town to nearby Solopaca. The contemporary history of Telese begins in 1934 with its elevation to an independent municipality; then in 1992 the town changed its name from Telese to Telese Terme and, last but not least, in 2014 the president Giorgio Napolitano consecrated it with the title of city.

Among its many attractions it is certainly not to be missed the famous Telese lake, located within the Rio Grassano Natural Park, a historic destination for tourists from Campania: the picnic at the Telese lake, in fact, has been an authentic tradition for decades, a ritual for Neapolitans, Caserta, etc ... A tradition that continues today, given the large amount of visitors who flock to the well-equipped accommodation facilities of the lake during the high season, also to practice sport fishing. 

Obviously the icing on the cake of your visit to Telese are the famous thermal baths, which exploit the ancient sulfur springs. The first nucleus of the Benevento complex were the Antiche Terme Jacobelli di San Lupo, founded in the 19th century: following their failure, the remains of the baths have become an interesting example of "thermal archeology" which certainly deserve all your interest. Today, the new complex stands out in a wonderful naturalistic setting, the Parco delle Terme where you will find swimming pools, therapeutic and recreational centers and a plant for bottling the "magical and prodigious water of Telese". So after having refreshed and strengthened with the "miraculous Telesine waters", get ready for the next stage of your tour...  

A stay in Sant'Agata de'Goti: the pearl of Sannio

Now it is time to pay your homage to one of the most fascinating towns in the whole of the Italian peninsula: "the pearl of Sannio", Sant'Agata de 'Goti. A marvelous apparition, that of Sant'Agata, which like an odalisque rests majestically on its bed of tuff welcoming visitors with her irresistible charm. The origins of the Benevento town are to be found in the ancient Samnite town of Saticula, even if it was the Lombards who gave it its particular appearance. A rich and layered history that has lasted well into the Middle Ages and has left for the delight of your eyes numerous testimonies of rare beauty.

We recommend to make your triumphal entry into the city from the infamous Vittorio Emanuele bridge, to have an overview of the characteristic citadel.

Once in the village, the remains of the castle founded by the Lombards, and remodeled several times, from the Norman era to the eighteenth century, are absolutely not to be missed, and which still today has interesting remains of its original structure and ancient Baroque decorations. Then it is the turn of the church of San Menna, consecrated by Pope Pasquale II in 1110. The sanctuary is dedicated to the holy hermit who in the sixth century lived in a cave on Mount Taburno and presents important vestiges of Romanesque and Gothic art, including the beautiful portal, the mosaics of the apse floor and the frescoes on the walls.   But, before you leave, don't forget to visit the church of the Annunziata, the most prestigious of the town in Campania: founded in the 13th century, the church has an exceptional series of frescoes, among the most shining examples of late Gothic art in Campania. Among these, it is worth mentioning the Final Judgment painted on the counter-façade, an authentic masterpiece that is in itself worth the price of a stay in Sant'Agata de'Goti.

Here ends your adventure in the Sannio, in front of this splendid work.

Let yourself be guided to the discovery of Sannio and the Benevento area

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