Secrets in the streets of Naples

The streets of Naples are full of history and tradition and corners with unique hidden treasures. Walking through the streets of the centre you can come across a piece of history never seen before in any other part of the world almost as if you were discovering a hidden treasure. Based on its mysterious and fascinating nature, Naples is a perfect destination to organize one of the most popular group activities right now: treasure hunt.

A treasure hunt in the city: Napoli treasure hunt

Treasure hunting is one of the most popular group activities in recent years. It is one of the activities that involve groups of dozens of people made up of both adults and children who collaborate and have fun together. In Naples, one of the most famous treasure hunts is one organized by Naples treasure hunt, a real event dedicated only to the realization of different treasure hunts along with the city of Naples.

With a map, travel notes, clues and other gadgets, the treasure hunt of the Napoli treasure hunt event is unique precisely because it takes place in a mysterious and unique city like Naples. In the shadow of Vesuvius, the treasure hunt remains a classic that guarantees fun and involvement of all participants.

How does it work?

Through technology, the treasure hunt becomes immediately interactive all participating groups will be provided with apps, tablets and cameras together with everything needed to face the challenge. The game consists of challenges of recognition of certain unexplored places and important monuments of the city of Naples, also leading you to discover completely unknown places and caves of the city.

Like any self-respecting hunt, the Naples Treasure hunt is characterized by a path in stages, each of which is made up of puzzle challenges to be overcome to access the next clue and reach the various stages that will lead you to find the hidden treasure.

Napoli treasure hunt is an event for the whole family but also for groups of friends and tourists from all over the globe, and you? What are you waiting for? Run to enjoy the treasure hunt with the treasures of Naples!