"I left that place because there was a danger that if I had become too fond to Bauli’s stay, all the other places that I had left to see would have not been of my pleasure"

This is how the latin orator Symmachus speaks of Bauli, better known as Bacoli which in Roman times was a holiday destination as famous as the nearby village of Baia. This Italian town is a real jewel of Campania because it is able to meet the needs of everyone: from lovers of the sea, to lovers of art or even people looking for entertainment.

A question we ask ourselves repeatedly during the summer is "what to do?" because often the hot days make this a difficult choice, and that's why I want to show you some of the points of interest in this area and the best things to do in Bacoli.

Things to see in Bacoli: museums, monuments and archaeological finds

For those who thirst for knowledge it would be interesting to visit the Casina Vanvitelliana, a charming hunting lodge located on a small island of Lake Fusaro, or the Museo Archeologico of Campi Flegrei, which houses artefacts of art that will leave you speechless. The walk inside the museum will be made more pleasant thanks to its view that offers visitors the splendor of the blue table of the sea.

For those who want an incredible experience, they can take a real dip into the past thanks to the Underwater Park of Baia, a protected area that houses underwater archaeological finds. Among the most valuable environments that are found in the sea there is the nymphaeum of Punta Epitaffio that embellished the triclinium, or the dining room of the ancient Romans. The statue dates back to the time of Emperor Claudius, other statues have been transferred to the Archaeological Museum mentioned above. Just think what an evocative and pleasant experience it will be to swim in the depths full of fish and admire a past dating back to about two thousand years ago.

Things to do in Bacoli: the sea, the spa, relax and bynight

If instead you want to lower your stress level and look for a peaceful place to relax, Bacoli offers the possibility to the lovers of the sea to enjoy of the wonderful beaches and to benefit of the bathing facilities that will give the opportunity to spend a day of relaxation and to breathe the healthy air instead of the smog of the city; There are also the Terme Stufe di Nerone, an ancient spa with water from springs and lakes that will make you feel regenerated.

Bacoli also fulfills the wishes of those who prefer the nightlife with bars, clubs, loud music and colorful cocktails. In fact, many structures that host bathers during the day in the evening become open-air discos and lounge bars where you can sip a drink with friends and get carried away by the music to dance under the stars.
For the true dreamers this area gives the opportunity to spend a romantic evening with your half, what’s better than drinking a glass of wine lying by the sea?

Don't waste your  time, enjoy the summer in Bacoli.