Summer is coming and in the thoughts of Neapolitan citizens but also of tourists, the idea of a beautiful day by the sea spent in one of the beautiful beaches of Naples arises.

The current situation, with its limitations and safety rules to be respected, may lead to think that maybe it is not possible to go to the beach or that, in any case, it is not the right time. Well, it is not. The beaches in Naples and Campania are open. An order from the Campania region has established that. 

So the answer to the question is, yes, you can go to the beach in Naples. Obviously in accordance with the social distancing rules and more specific rules that we are now going to see in detail.

Naples: rules for free beaches

Let's start by saying that signs will be posted on various beaches in Campania, in different languages, showing the regulations to be respected with regard to hygiene and social distancing.

According to the order of the Campania Region, the beaches will be mapped in such a way that the maximum possible capacity can be calculated in compliance with the rules on social distancing. Since this mapping will have an impact on the maximum capacity of the beaches, it has been planned to implement shifts and a booking system which in some cases (as already happens in Bacoli) will be carried out through special apps.

Within the space provided by the mapping it will also be possible to set up a beach umbrella and use deck chairs and more.

The application of these rules will almost certainly take place at different times from municipality to municipality. In the meantime the municipality of Naples appeals to the common sense of the citizens.

But one thing is certain: this emergency will not prevent us from enjoying our Summer in Naples.