Are you worried that Naples might be lacking any appeal for your kids? Do not worry! Naples is a fantastic and exciting destination for children. With its vast choice in entertainment and food, it is an amazing place for families to visit!

The list of the best things to do with kids in Naples by Prontopia includes Mount Vesuvius, the Doll Hospital, Città della Scienza, Napoli Sotterranea, and pizza! Let’s get started.

Mount Vesuvius

What could be better for a kid than exploring this one-of-a-kind mountain in the midst of Naples? Mount Vesuvius offers the opportunity to have one of the most unique experiences a child could enjoy. Especially, if your kid is interested in minerals and wonders about the history of our planet, this is the place you should not skip on your trip to Naples!

The Doll Hospital

The Doll Hospital is located in the heart of the city in Spaccanapoli. Luigi Grassi was its founder in the late 1800s. Since then, the Hospital even made it through some pretty rough times during the two World Wars.
Today, after four generations, the place still works like a recovery room for dolls, focusing on restoration and keeping the memory of traditional toys still present and on-going. You can find any kind of toy there. Here, all the toys quietly wait for their turn for repairs. The great news is that, just lately, the Doll Hospital became a museum with guided tours. This is one of the best things to do with kids in Naples.

Città della Scienza

There is no doubt that on your trip to Naples, you should get your kids to see and explore the Science City of Naples to have a good time and to help the local community to reestablish business. In fact, this place has been thoroughly studied and developed as a playground where kids can try different types of in-depth experiences.
However, at the moment, after an attack in 2013, the museum is still under construction. At the site of Via Coroglio, you will find many exhibits, including a planetarium, an educational garden, a volcanoes exhibit, and an agricultural exhibit.

Napoli Sotterranea

Napoli Sotterranea is probably one of the most intriguing activities to do in Naples. It literally translates as “the Naples underground”, and it’s a fun excursion you can have in Naples. The winding and complex network of tunnels and cavities that hide beneath Naples’ surface will surprise and delight kids of any age.
The huge canals and cavities were built after the extraction of tuff (a volcanic rock) that the city used for its construction. Then, the tunnels were used as an aqueduct, and as a refuge during the Second World War. Fill your kids in on this complex history, and let their imagination run wild! What else could these tunnels be used for?

Best Pizzerias of Italy

Naples is the home of pizza and pasta! Even if your kids are picky eatesr, there is absolutely no doubt that you will find food that they like. Everywhere you look, you will find high-quality food and some of the most incredible (although very simple) flavors from the whole peninsula. We suggest relying on in-person help from Prontopia to help you find the best local food and restaurants. Prontopia will send in-person help to assist you in choosing the best place to eat with your kids, and then they’ll help you get there! There are actually so many choices that you might be overwhelmed. But don’t worry, the locals in Naples are the best people you will find, are very helpful and talkative, and they will help you with whatever problem you might face!