The Riviera of Chiaia: from a small ancient village to an elegant and refined neighborhood

From an ancient borough to an exclusive neighbourhood: that's the way Chiaia should be regarded;  as one of the most fashioned areas of the  city, full of polishness, elegance and craziness thanks to its famous wild nightlife among the young Neapolitans. Situated among the Vomero, Furoigrotta, San Ferdinando and Posillipo's areas, Chiaia's neighbourhood represents the touch point with the coastline area of the city, the Riviera, which extends to the seafront. Its name comes from the latin plaga (beach) and its birth dates back to the 16th century, when it came aroud as a borough outside the city walls. It was only thanks to the Risanamento policy of the 1860 that it assumed the current aspect, with the casting and the arrangement of the coastline area which brought tho the birth of Caracciolo Street and to the built of Amedeo Square and Dei Mille Street. Around the 18th century, in fact, we can trace back the birth of the Villa Comunale, focal point of some many aristocratic and old-fashioned buildings, such as Villa Pignatelli and the Carafa di Belvedere palace

What to do in the Chiaia district by day ... and by night: from shopping to nightlife

Thanks to its central position, Chiaia's posh neighbourhood has become a popular destination not only among tourists, but also among those who, taking advantage of their own free time, need to make a little tour among all its exclusive boutiques and shops; as a matter of fact, iti is possible to walk across a long road starting from Toledo Street and Dei Mille Street, full of such interesting and historical buildings like a  triumphal arch-shaped bridge with a lift on the inside. Following, the road leads to some other streets like Filangieri Street, Cavallerizza a Chiaia Alley and Belledonne Alley where the wild nightlife takes place, whether it is summer or winter. 

How to reach the Chiaia district and Mergellina by public transport

So Chiaia, with its union of history and nature, represents a crucial destination for all the Neapolitans and not only for them. But how to reach it? It is very simple, since it is optiimally linked with the rest of the city, and in particular, with the station and the airport, through the Amedeo Square stop (metro line 2), which is the principal one; but if you'd like to take a walk among its alleys, you could even pass through Mergellina with its little harbour full of yachts and fishermen.