Stories of the streets of Naples: via dell'Anticaglia

Walking down the Naples' historical centre, properly down Tribunali Street, it is possible to discover a lot of hidden treasures that have never been brought to light until now. Among these, there is the road which leads to the Decumani Superiori and better known as via dell'Anticaglia: here it is possible to find a lot of artworks belonging to the Neapolitan heritage and dating back to to the Greek-Roman, Medieval, Reinascimental and Baroque period (that's why the toponym 'Anticaglia').  

From the Roman Theatre to the old little shops in Naples

So, let's start with the Roman Theatre, one of the source of pride of this city that, according to the legend, seems to have been the first to introduce the singing exhibitions of the Emperor Nero. It was built during the Roman period following the typical semicircular shape of the ancient Greek theatre and is located between the Decumano Superiore (via Anticaglia and via Pisanelli) and the Maggiore one (via Tribunali). Its importance and prestige grew thanks to the fact that, during its golden age, the Theatre was situated in the northern area of the place; is it sufficient to think, in fact, that, due to its enormous dimensions, it could include about 5000 people. The entry to the 'visitable' area goes from the Cinquestanti Alley's vascio, while just starting from via Anticaglia it is possible to access to some stairs, through an ancient small shop of the 15th century. They are mostly decorated with marble, while the other areas, such as the upper one, has been completely lost. By the way, from the load-bearing structures of the Theatre, today, only two heavy arches rise up on via Anticaglia. Then, there it goes to an area full of stories and facts from the past (like those about Sannazaro), where it is ossible to visit the house in which Torquato Tass stayed, too. Finally, you reach the Regina Coeli church, a very important Neapolitan heritage dating back to the Reinassance and Baroque period, with its particular octagonal-shaped bell-tower, surrounded by very old small shops that brings to the area a very particular light.

Inside this cave there were no statues and no marble like those that you can find at via Anticaglia.
N. Lombardo

Via dell'Anticaglia

How to reach via Anticaglia by public transport

To reach via Anticaglia, and more generally, the historical centre of Naples, you need to take the Metro's Line 1, getting off at Museo stop, or just the Line 2  and get off at Cavour stop, then following on feet.