Do you know the most famous side dish in Naples? I give you some instrument to guess what it is. It’s green and it’s a fried vegetable, often served with sausages. The first letter of the name is “F”. What is it? Friarielli, the most popular Neapolitan side dish combinated with sausiges. I’m feeling your thoughts about your last months workout outcomes. Don’t worry about it because this is the Salsiccia & Friarielli bodyshape tour.

Don’t you know this side dish? A week end in Naples is enough to introduce it in your Neapolitan top ten favourite foods. Calories? Fats? Another things to not matter about because in the next lines you can discover another bodyshape tour, the walking fat burn calories tour to visit Naples without sacrifice your food tourism plans.

Here’s the necessary equipment for the Salsiccia & Friarielli bodyshape tour during your fall/winter trip in Naples:

  • comfortable shoes;
  • a bottle of water ;
  • a sweetshirt or your favourite jacket;
  • a scarf around your neck;
  • a pedometer;
  • a camera or a samrtphone to take a picture;
  • when you feel weak, have a break.

Salsiccia & Friarielli is a food combination with a particular kind of sausages named “cervellatina” or “a punta di coltello” and that’s why because the particular cut of meat similar to a knife. There aren’t a lot information about friarielli.

We know that a long time ago on the hills of Naples there were friarielli’s plantations. The right name is "friggiarelli" because of the cooking method and, probably, this side dish was so tasty that today it's common in different Campania areas. In fact, the recipe is as much simple as complicated because it requires just few ingredients but a lot of concentration to fry it and avoid a burned dish. All it takes is extravirgin oil olive, chili pepper, salt to prepare the fry friarielli with sausages.
When in Naples you say Salsiccia & Friarielli it’s like a sweet poetry about food because this dish is often combinated with the cuzzetiello, that is the last part of the cafone bread, a particular kind of bread producted in the suburbs of Naples.

How to fat burn calories of a Salsiccia & Friarielli serving (cuzzetiello included)

The Salsiccia & Friarielli bodyshape tour is a short path that starts from Piazza Vittoria and ends on the vomero hill. Are you ready?

Piazza Vittoria – Piazza Amedeo
I wrote this bodyshape tour thinking of you tasting Salsiccia&Friarielli, maybe with pizza and other local culinary specialties in a seafront restaurant. So, start walking toward Piazza Vittoria and keep going to Piazza dei Martiri and cherish any glimpse of the luxurious Naples areas among Via Gaetano Filangieri and Via Vittoria Colonna until you reach Piazza Amedeo. At this point, a common tourist could be tempted to take the underground or the funicolare in Parco Margherita, but you don’t. After all, if you are reading this bodyshape tour it’s because you love to stay in shape without give up the food experiences when you travel. So, are you ready to climb the city of Naples?

Parco Margherita – Via Torquato Tasso
Parco Margherita is a small hill with some liberty buildings. Keep going and walk toward via Torquato Tasso, a long and climb street reach of story and connecting different point of the city such as Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Posillipo.

Via Torquato Tasso – Via Aniello Falcone
Continue your walking path toward Via Aniello Falcone, a panoramic street where you can stop for a while to admire the landscape. Your tour is almost over. Walk just until you get the Via Luca Giordano Staircase. Now, it’s your call to come back with a way down path or to have a quiet walk on the Vomero hill doing some shopping.