Naples and Rome are only a few hundred kilometers so far that they rise to capitals of southern Italy. Since the dawn of their history Rome and Naples have often been linked, in fact, Naples has been one of the richest and most beautiful colonies of the then Roman empire and over the centuries their relationship has never stopped.

Reaching Rome from Naples is extremely easy and above all the route offers dozens of wonders to see and admire. Here's how to get to Rome from Naples.

What will you see between Naples and Rome?

The journey between Naples and Rome has always been a pleasure for the eyes, in fact any means you choose to use to reach the eternal city you can enjoy, unique places and breathtaking landscapes without straying too far from your itinerary.

Reaching the city of Rome is extremely easy: train, bus, plane, but above all cars offer unpredictable beauty and places. But discover with me which is the right choice for you.

Naples-Rome by train

From the historic central station of Carlo Cocchia in Piazza Garibaldi in Naples it is extremely easy to reach Rome. From the heart of the Neapolitan historical center you can reach the beautiful post-war building of the Roma Termini station in the historic center of the city of Romulus and Remus, but the path is full of beauties.

The path starts immediately with the view of the beautiful high-speed Afragola station, designed by Zaha Hadid, one of the best examples of contemporary architecture in Naples, then the route is divided between the regional and the high-speed one. The regional route is a real pleasure for the eyes because it allows us to enjoy unique panoramas, including the Domizio coast and the entire Gulf of Gaeta with Formia, Sperlonga and Gaeta itself as the main attraction.

High speed, on the other hand, gives us bucolic landscapes of the Caserta countryside, passing through a glimpse of the Gulf of Gaeta before plunging into the park of the Castelli Romani, overlooking Lake Albano and Nemi, then reaching the heart of Rome.

Useful Information:

  • To go from Naples to Rome by high speed train it takes about an hour and ten minutes and the tickets price starts from about 40 Euros.
  • To go from Naples to Rome by train it takes about 3 hours and the tickets cost about 15 Euros.

Naples-Rome by car from the sea

If you are a passionate about cars and driving, the journey by car from Naples to Rome can only be a pleasure for the mind and the body. The two cities are connected by the motorway which in a short time takes you to Rome between rural landscapes of Campania and Ciociaria, but what I will propose to you today is a slightly longer route, but rich in natural landscapes and cities full of culture and traditions through a path that overlooks the sea.

Leaving from Naples, from the heart of its historic center, we head towards the Phlegraean fields, where amid beautiful landscapes and the history of the city of Naples outside the walls, we are greeted by the beautiful Pozzuoli with its sea and its beautiful Roman amphitheater, together to the profiles of Procida and Ischia that outline the horizon.

Continuing on the Phlegraean coast we reach the Domizio coast that, after Minturno, leads us to cross the border between Campania and Lazio with the cable-stayed bridge a few steps from the Ferdinandeo bridge on the Garigliano river in the archaeological area of ​​Minturnae with which it creates a perfect union between innovation and history.

Entering Lazio we walk along the Via Appia, which, at the time of the ancient Romans, was full of villas of the Roman patricians, of which we find remains along the way; the path, then, plunges into the Gulf of Gaeta and its beautiful cities overlooking the sea, starting from Formia, with its beautiful old town full of historical finds still perfectly preserved, passing through Sperlonga and Gaeta again.

Leaving Formia and its 'sisters', we continue on to Circeo with Terracina and its archaeological remains such as the temple of Jupiter Anxur that stands on the acropolis of the ancient city. We leave the Circeo behind and we pass to the Roman coast with the beautiful beaches of Sabaudia, continuing with Anzio and the remains of Nero's villa and Ostia with its beach. 

Once we have traversed the entire coastline between Campania and Lazio, we just have to walk along the Castelli Romani park and its lakes, greeting the urban complex of EUR and Cinecittà and reach the center of Rome.

Useful information:

  • The journey from Naples to Rome by car takes about 2 hours and a half

Naples-Rome by plane

Last but not least, the airplane. The journey between Naples and Rome tells an ultra millennial story, which you can experience in different ways, as I showed you before, but the gloss of all this can only be the journey by plane. From Capodichino, the flight departs with a U-turn, allowing you to see the whole city of Naples from a bird's eye view from the islands to Vesuvius, passing through the clear view of the Ippodameo scheme, between thistles and decumani, of the historic center, the castles that rise above the whole city and finally the Tyrrhenian Sea. After just under an hour of flight, you must already put the seats in an upright position and enjoy the landing between the beaches of the Roman coast and the mouth of the Tiber, before reaching Fiumicino, where we can reach the center by metro or bus From Rome.

Useful information:

  • The journey from Naples to Rome by plane takes just under an hour. The price of the ticket varies according to the company and availability at the time of booking.

These are just some of the best ways to reach Rome, starting from Naples, the choice is yours. What are you waiting for? Run to enjoy the beauties of Naples and Rome.