A natural oasis just a few kilometers from Naples: the Grassano park

Nestled in the boundless Telesina Valley, the Grassano Park is truly a wonderful natural oasis, where you can be surrounded by nature in every aspect. The Grassano park is a real multi-sensory experience you can listen to the sounds of nature, touch its extraordinary beauty with your hands, you can admire its colors under the clever play of light, between light and shadow, through the leaves and on the clear surface of the water of the Rio Grassano.

Since ancient times it is said that these places were known as a real nature reserve, thanks to its prosperous nature and the purity of its waters, colored by a marine flora rich in colors, which gives those who follow these waters breathtaking reflections, while along the river grow different types of plants, from willows to poplars to end up with different types of hygrophilous plants.

Grassano park: excursions, canoeing, kayaking and lots of nature

The Grassano park is one of the most enchanting places in which to spend time in peace with nature and all that surrounds us. From the flora to the water birds and the other animals that inhabit this natural reserve, everything lives in a circle of perpetual and consolidated harmony, in which man has managed to insert himself without changing his uncontaminated nature.

Among the remains of Roman buildings and medieval castles, the park disguises itself as a place trapped in time, in fact, nothing seems to have changed since the passage of Roman troops to the present day.

Reaching the Grassano park is very simple, being just a few kilometers from the city of Naples, just head towards Benevento. The park is equipped both for excursions on the rocky paths of the valley, but also for canoe trips or kayaking on the waters of the Grassano river, without disdaining real areas to devote to picnics or rest lying in the pure green of the park.

Relax and nature in the green in Campania: the tranquility of the Grassano park

Entering the Grassano park, you will immediately be invaded by a feeling of tranquility and you will feel like being immersed in such a pristine environment that you can easily lose yourself in its paths and meadows.

We could go on for hours telling you about the purity and beauty of the Grassano park, but I know that I wouldn't be able to convey all the emotions that visiting the park could give you, so come to Naples and don't miss this extra beauty in the Benevento area.