Would you like to visit Naples by bike? It is a good idea to explore the different corners of the City in this way.  Whether cycling is your lifestyle or you are just an amateur, this guide makes your dreams come true. Read on to find how.

It sounds strange to hear about the relationship between Naples and the bike. Maybe, it's better to say that some corners are better than others to cycling. Yes, it is true: some streets are traffic congested, but the good news is that there are some areas perfect for a bike ride.

Here’s are the benefits about pedaling:

  • it’s an innovative way to discover Naples;
  • it’s healthy because every stroke of the pedal you can fat burn calories;
  • it’s a good way to reduce the air pollution.

Bicycle rental in Naples

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Furthermore, I rent a bike offers you a personal service:

  • assistance service;
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Three paths to explore Naples by bike

Naples strikes you with a lot of different features that could imprint lovely memories in your mind and, why not?, on your favourite social network. The sounds, the smells, the nice people and the colourful streets of the city are the most things that you’ll carry in your heart.

Cycling in Naples brings you a lot of opportunities. You have a different sight about the things that usually you not notice. You become a kind of one soul with your bicycle. It’s an inner and an external travel that helps you to discover that every single corner has a special shape.

Whether you are single, with a travel companion or with kids, here’s are three bike tours:

A bike ride in search of the heart of Naples

If you are going to do a cycling vacation in the center of Naples, you can schedule the following paths:

  • The Naples waterfront offers you a flat path perfect for a romantic bike ride and cycling with childrens both. Every stroke of the pedal, let the Castle watching you while the smell of the sea touchs your senses. In case you get hungry, you are spoiled for choice with the restaurants; otherwise, pay attention to the traffic and keep cycling in viale Gramsci.
  • Riviera di Chiaia could be your bicycle friend if you prefer a bike ride with the sea, the green and the charmingful architecture of Naples. The Public Garden of Naples in Piazza Vittoria is a place with a play area, so you can cycle in the green while your kids have fun. Are you in couple or alone? Continue your bike ride in Piazza dei Martiri, via Chiaia or via Filangieri. That’s not all. In addition to Piazza del Plebiscito, there are other squares where you can visit Naples by bike. In the historic center there are Piazza del Gesù and Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, two corners of the city open for a possible bike ride just if you have some experience with the bicycle and with a previously scheduled tour; anyway, it’s better to organize a guided tour or start cycling from Mezzocannone or via Costantinopoli.
  • The Vomero hill is the ideal to cycling in Via Scarlatti, via Cimarosa and via Morghen; in addition, this last street links you to the path to reach Castel Sant’Elmo.

Uphill bike rides

Do you dream to impersonate the champions Lance Armstrong, Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali when you are in bike? This means that the uphill bike ride is for you because you are an expert and you use it everyday. So, if the bike is your reason for living, enjoy with the following streets, uphill or downhill it’s up to you:

  • via Aniello Falcone;
  • via Tasso;
  • via Posillipo.

Green bike ride

Enjoying a bike ride surrounded by the nature summons the childood memories. About the tender age, in Naples there are two parks that lets you ride a bike with your children: the Parco Virgiliano and the Royal Park of Capodimonte. What is the difference between the two green areas?

  • The Parco Virgiliano has a wonderful sight of Posillipo. Planning a bike tour in the late afternoon, the sunset lights up the landscape framed by Bagnoli, Nisida and the Gulf of Naples; when it isn’t foggy, you can glimpse Procida, Ischia and Capri too.
  • The Royal Park of Capodimonte is bigger than the Parco Virgiliano and it has a museum inside. It’s a way to combine an healthy path with a cultural one.
  • Both the parks have some benches where your children can sit to have a snack.

Five things to know before your bike ride in Naples

You have reached the end of this guide and I want to list you five things to remember:

  • avoid to cycling in vicoli: they are pretty quaint, but more suitable for a walk tour;
  • have a preference for low traffic areas or schedule your bike tour according your experience with a bike;
  • the bicycle is your? You can ask for a bike parking;
  • choose the comfort in every way: dresses, shoes, bags. It doesn’t mean that the jumpsuit is required. The most important thing is to wear something that doesn’t obstacle your movements;
  • lastly, if you want combine the bike rides with the bodyshape tour, the only things left is taste the tasty neapolitan food and planning your fat burn calories route.

Are you looking forward to have fun with a bike ride to discover Naples? Enjoy this video.