Naples has always had a visceral relationship with football, the city's main passion. The Scudetto won last season led to a global extension of the love for SSC Napoli. Many, many tourists were tremendously fascinated by the fans' long and spectacular celebrations. A festive atmosphere lasted for months and months around the city and the former 'San Paolo' stadium, now 'Diego Armando Maradona'.

Given the ever increasing following and passion for Napoli, going to the stadium is now much more difficult than it used to be. Especially tourists, who are not used to buying, may find it difficult. The ways to buy and all there is to know about it are often elusive information, difficult to find. Moreover, the logistics are also important, given the numerous ways to reach Fuorigrotta, the neighbourhood that hosts the Maradona. Let's see in more detail how to go to the stadium to see Napoli.

Where to buy SSC Napoli tickets

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There are two possible ways to purchase a ticket for Napoli's home matches: online purchase on the external reference site or physical purchase in the respective authorised ticket offices. The portal dedicated to the purchase of Napoli tickets is TicketOne. It is there that about a week before a given match the online sale is opened. Priority is given to those with a Fidelity Card, the old Tessera del Tifoso in short. It is to the holders of this card that the first phase of sales takes place, after which there is free sale. Alternatively, there is always the recourse to physical purchase at the ticket office. All authorised sales points are indicated on the club's official website with all the relevant information. We would like to remind you that it is always necessary to have an identification document, be it an identity card, driving licence or even a passport.

How to choose the right area of the stadium

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The 'Maradona' stadium is among the largest football facilities in Italy, in terms of capacity it is behind only the 'San Siro' in Milan and the 'Olimpico' in Rome. It can therefore be difficult to choose where to see the match, which ticket to take. The stadium has a total of six sectors, seven including the guest sector. Clearly the most popular and low-cost choice leads to the curves, where you then have to choose between Curva A and Curva B and between upper and lower. Obviously the lower side is where you see the worst of the two options. The distinti are the choice that represents the right compromise: you can see almost everywhere well, the price is higher than the curve but lower than the Tribuna Posillipo and Tribuna Nisida. Here, too, there is a distinction between upper and lower badges. There is a separate chapter for the Tribuna Family, where the view is restricted but the atmosphere is in line with its name, perfect for families.

How to reach the Stadium

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Having bought the ticket, all that remains is to find out how to get to the stadium, how to get there. Fortunately, the Maradona is well connected to practically all parts of the city. We are in Fuorigrotta, a district that has both Metro Line 2 and the Cumana line, as well as numerous buses to and from the centre. The metro's reference stop is 'Campi Flegrei', 750 m from the stadium, therefore a 10-minute walk. As for the Cumana, the stop is 'Mostra-Stadio-Maradona', where the distance drops to 550 m and a 7-minute walk. To reach the stadium by bus, take the 151 ANM line and get off at Piazzale Tecchio; the bus can be taken to many more central areas such as the Central Station, Molo Beverello or Piazza Vittoria.

Have a great time and sing!

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The last fundamental element that you absolutely cannot miss for your stadium experience is the voice. Get ready to enjoy your first time at the Maradona 100%, to witness a one-of-a-kind spectacle from start to finish. We are not just talking about the match itself, the show shown by the players on the pitch and their assured high technical level. We are talking about the chants, the choruses and all the authenticity of the Azzurri fans, certainly among the most passionate in Italy and the world. Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere and it will surely be an unforgettable hour and a half!