Klimt Experience: in Naples the new format of art exhibitions

After the great success obtained in Milan and Caserta, Klimt Experience has finally reached Naples. It's not an exhibition in the typical sense of the term, it is instead a completely new format, a show built not only to entertain, but also to engage the viewer in a total way. The audience is always at the center and has the opportunity to enjoy the works of the artist in a truly original way.
A prestigious soundtrack, in which appear names as Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, is the background of the projections of both the masterpieces of the Viennese Secession's master, and of the paintings that are less known to the general public. 
The light, a next-gen technology and the architecture of the place hosting the event, the Basilica of the Holy Spirit in via Toledo, contribute to give life to a show exciting like few others.

Klimt Experience in Naples: technology at art's service

The Klimt Experience unfolds around three key moments. An immersive room, where thanks to the video mapping technique the artist's works are projected in continuous movement on the walls of the Basilica, on the floor and on the vault, as well as on four huge panels. The small hall of mirrors' purpose is instead to get completely lost in a kaleidoscope of colours and images, for an experience between dream and reality. Finally, thanks to the Oculus VR, virtual reality viewers developed in Italy specifically for the occasion, it is possible to enter Klimt's works themselves and move into a virtual space, thanks to the movement of the eyes.

At the beginning, moreover, an introductory room with informative panels allows the visitors to know the most important moments of the artist's life. Finally, there is also an exhibition inside the exhibition, with an interesting selection of clothes that reinterpret the shapes and colours of Klimt's most famous works.

In the year of the centenary of the death of an artist who has fought to take art beyond its traditional boundaries, this is a completely innovative way to enjoy Klimt's works and get to know them more deeply. A fascinating experience for both experts and those approaching the art world for the first time. Even the children will be enthusiastic; in fact, for them, the JoieleLab association organizes educational workshops where the youngest will be able to get acquainted with the artist's works while having fun, so that they can approach the Klimt Experience with their parents in a more complete, serene and instructive way.

The exhibition remains in Naples until February 3, 2019.