What to do in Naples in the summer?

During the summer Naples reveals beautiful places and offers the possibility of unforgettable routes in enchanting locations. From the sea to the mountains, passing through the underground tunnels of Naples to the waterways. The morphology of the city of Naples makes it much easier to run into one of these wonders.

But what do you need to see around Naples? Here are the five best excursions and tours to do in Naples or its surroundings.

Naples from above: the view from Great Vesuvius national park

The great national park of Vesuvius is one of the most evocative places in the capital of Campania. From the volcano it is possible to admire the whole city lying under it and overlooking the bay with all its beauties. Inside the park are hidden paths and breathtaking views as: the Hell's valley and the great cone of Vesuvius. The Hell's valley is an enchanting path through one of the most beautiful solidified lava flows of the entire path, while the great cone of Vesuvius is the most suggestive path, because, throghout a series of switchbacks and terraces on the gulf, you arrive into the crater of the same volcano.

Long walking tours: the Path of the Gods

The Lattari mountains, in addition to hosting the beautiful Amalfi coast, conceal one of the most beautiful trails of the entire Campania: the path of the gods. Excavated, according to the mythology from the race of the gods on earth to reach Ulysses, the path of the gods is one of the most beautiful and famous in all the world. About 10 kilometers long it goes from Agerola to Positano visiting and overlooking the whole Sorrentine peninsula and the island of Capri.

A walk on an active volcano: the Solfatara

The Solfatara in Pozzuoli is one of the most incredible places in Europe. In fact it is a place that will allow you to walk on a volcano that is still active today, which emits jets of boiling mud and puffs of steam that reach a temperature of 162 degrees. The main tourist areas are: the Fangaia, the Bocca Grande, the well of mineral water etc.

A natural oasis not far from Naples: Grassano park

The Grassano Park is one of the richest and most visited green areas during the summer. The whole area is full of nature trails between the green and the water of the Rio Grassano, it is an infinitely large area that offers dozens of different activities for all ages thanks to the mountain routes or excursions and canoe or kayak trips. A paradise oasis in the Telesina valley among archaeological finds and medieval remains, between large green areas and water games.

A walk suspended 100 meters above the void: the tibetan bridge in Laviano

In Laviano, near Salerno, overlooking the Vallone delle Conche, there is an area with nature trails aimed at canyoning or simple trekking that cross the entire area. The culmination of this complex is the Tibetan bridge of Laviano which, located at more than 100 meters high, offers you the possibility to overlook a deep gorge. The bridge of thin steel cables, which offer strength and subtlety, which allows you to enjoy the landscape without problems.

With the arrival of summer there is a plurality of opportunities if you are in Naples, from sea trips to mountain trails, run to visit them!