Look at Naples from above

Today we have prepared an interesting itinerary for you. A double appointment that will allow you to travel with your eyes and with your imagination from Vesuvius, to Campi Flegrei, from Capri to Procida. You can enjoy Naples from above from two different angles, mirroring and complementary to each other. Have a good trip, indeed a good flight!

The Virgilian Park: the Posillipo lookout

If you want to live the experience of visiting Naples from above in a satisfying and satisfying way, one of the places not to be missed is definitely the Virgilian Park. Also known by the name of Parco della Rimembranza, the Virgiliano is located in the beautiful district of Posillipo, and certainly represents its spearhead.

Founded in the Fascist era with the name of Parco della Vittoria or della Bellezza, it took on its current name some time later, in honor of the famous Latin poet. Subsequently, the park underwent some important expansion and reconstruction interventions, including the construction of a football field, an athletics track and an amphitheater for outdoor shows. After a period of neglect, the park was reopened in 2002 with some important innovations. First of all with the absolute prohibition to let cars inside the structure and then with its transformation into a literary park inspired by the theme of the Grand Tour: in fact, to guide you there are billboards with quotations from intellectuals and writers of the Century of Enlightenment , didactic equipment installed in the most panoramic points of the park. These covers an area of ​​92,000 square meters. at a height of 150 m and consists of a series of alternating terraces obtained from the steep tuff walls typical of the area. 

Parco Virgiliano offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a spectacular breathtaking landscape over the entire Gulf of Naples. In fact, from here you can admire the arcane and mythological beauty of the Phlegraean Fields, with Bagnoli, Nisida and Agnano; the islands of Procida, Ischia and Capri; the majesty of Vesuvius and the splendid Sorrento peninsula. Here you can feel the masters of Naples, and you can take a look at the next stop to reach. Prepare the hang glider and be ready to land ...

Monte di Procida: the viewpoint of the Phlegraean Fields

Your hang glider will make you land on the opposite side, in Monte di Procida, the promontory that forms the western end of the Phlegraean peninsula. Monte di Procida is located right in front of the island of Procida, from which it is separated by a small canal. Interesting, as far as the morphology of the place is concerned, also the small islet of San Martino, once connected to the mainland by an isthmus, today completely inaccessible even by sea.

Monte di Procida can boast a long history behind it: the oldest evidence of this, in fact, dates back to the Neolithic, while later, the historian Dionysius of Halicarnassus mentioned it in the 6th century AD, remembering it as the village of Cuma. And then the Romans, the Bourbons, up to the present history, born with the separatist referendum of 1907, with which Monte di Procida freed itself from the municipality of Procida. 

Among the monumental attractions, the churches of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio, of Sant'Antonio and of San Giuseppe, and the beautiful Villa Matarese, a restored liberty-style farmhouse should be mentioned. But it is the characteristic geographical position that makes Monte di Procida a unique and exceptional place. 

In fact, Monte di Procida can rightly be considered the belvedere of the Phlegraean Fields, from which you can once again enjoy a splendid panorama. On the eastern side, in fact, you can reconquer the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento Peninsula, Capri and Ischia with your eyes. At your feet, "with the close zoom", you can dominate the entire Phlegraean territory with its wonders: Pozzuoli, Baia, Bacoli, Capo Miseno, Miliscola, Cuma, Lake Fusaro, etc ... But directing your eyes towards West, you can open another game, sweeping your gaze towards the plain of Caserta, the Matese, the Circeo. 

But this is another adventure ...