On the top of the city, which overseas the sea, about five centuries ago a monastic complex was built. It still dominates the Camaldoli's entire zone, a quarter in Naples not so far from the center. It is a magnificent monumental complex of a great historic value which represents one of the most enchanting city overviews ever. Are you ready to know more about it?

History of Camaldoli's hermitage

Firstly known as the "SS. Salvatore's hermitage", it was built in 1585 by Giovanni D'avalos (Alfonso of Argon's son) who gave the project to Domenico Fontana. His desire was to erect a building into a heathy and silent place, so the monastery was founded on the top of the city. Right there, from the ruins of an ancient church, raised the building that still today  hides some of the most important paintings of the late-Reinassance. With time, the complex was subject to different suppressions: one in 1807, by will of Napoleone Bonaparte; the other in 1866 by will of the Savoia's family. Later was oversaw by the Benedettini Camaldolesi  and today is under the Brigidine's supervision.

Features and structure

The big hermitage holds at the entrance a big door with a big arc on which is collocated the Camaldolesi's stem. Over the church there is the big bell tower, an enchanting overlook divided in two areas: one for the monks and the other for visitors. Once you get there, it is possible to access to the cental monastic complex.

The church

The church inside is constituted by a major altar and six laterla chapels. The major altar is richly decorated by Luca Giordano (a Neapolitan painter)'s masterpieces, such as: "L'Immacolata Concezione", "La Sacra Famiglia", "La Trasfigurazione", of a such great artistic value. Besides, it is even  possible to find paintings by Massimo Stanzione, Andrea Mozzilli and Federico Barocci.

How to reach the hermitage

You can easily reach the hermitage by car, by taxi or by bus. If you think you're going to take into account this option, we recommend you to to take off the 150 bus  at Garibaldi Station then the C44  in Guantai ad Orsolona then get off to the last stop: you will be there in 5 minutes.

Address: Via Dell'Eremo, 87

Contacts: For more info, call 081-5872519/ 081-5875807 or send an e-mail to: eremo.camaldoli@libero.it