Visiting Pompeii and Amalfi Coast in one day? A little trip, a perfect route, to do absolutely with the arrival of the hottest days of spring and summer. The right mix between the beauty of the Amalfi coast and the great history around the excavations of Pompeii.

A Roman city preserved in its integrity, as if the habitants had left a quarter of an hour earlier.
François-René de Chateaubriand

Let's start from Pompeii: the history of the excavations

The best best place to visit in Pompeii are certainly the excavations, the remains of the ancient city that was submerged by ash and lapilli in 79. The beauty of looking and observing the traditions, the secrets of people life who lived there thousands and thousands of years ago

In 1997 the surrounding area, including Torre Annunziata and Ercolano (another pole where it is possible to find historical excavations), has been recognized as a UNESCO heritage site. As more and more people fell in love with the beauty of those walls and that ancient town, until becoming the third most visited museum in Italy.

A town planning difficult to find in other excavations, are present and complete all types of buildings present at the time: from public ones, the necropolis, the temples, the theaters, the houses of the people and the villas. You will breathe history walking inside those streets lined with stone.

Living the coast: Positano, Amalfi and Ravello

The entire Amalfi coast is considered a UNESCO heritage, a long stretch of the Campania coast that begins in Positano and ends in Vietri sul Mare, surrounded by both magnificent views of the sea and small coves overlooking the sea.

A beauty that should be seen every day of the year, not only during the summer, the view and the look visible at each bend make it a really unique place. Here you can find magnificent products from the beauties of architecture like the cathedral of Positano, to typical products like the limoncello (a local liqueur), beautiful product from the local handicraf in the field of ceramics and glass.

In the area for lovers of hiking there is the magnificent Path of the Gods (start from Positano), a great way to take a trip back in time, at the same time from here you have an peirless view of Positano and neighboring little town. A few steps from here we can visit Ravello, another characteristic city, full of art. Numerous cultural festivals are held in the summer, combined with the beauty of attractions such as Villa Rufolo or Museum of Coral.

Two different and distant areas... but 'near' now

The two areas can be visited in the same day, distant but not so far, about an hour's drive from each other, the villages mentioned are all very near each other. All of this is possible thanks to Good Heart Limos, an operator tour engaged in organizing and managing your 'one day trip' to reach these magnificent locations.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the history and the unique beauty of the sea...