If you are an outdoor enthusiast, a trekking lover or you want to just lose some kilos after plenty of pizzas and sfogliatellas in Naples, you definitely should check the list of the best 10 hikes of the Sorrentine Peninsula. One thing is totally ensured: You will not be disappointed!

Before we check the list, here are just some quick advises to avoid any issue:

First of all, wear comfortable clothes and, most important, comfortable shoes. Take with you always first aid medication and be sure to warn someone about the hike you are going to do. If you are going to hike on Summer, take with you quite a lot of water, hat and sunscreen. Don't forget your camera, you totally don't want to see all those beautiful landscapes and not be able to shot them!

Going on, the list is the following:

10. Punta Campanella

The Punta Campanella hike is a total jump in the past. You find yourself walking on a cobblestoned paved path, which date back to ancient romans. The trail you are going to hike, in fact, was once the Minerva road, that led the romans to the extremity of the Sorrentine Peninsula where once there was a greek temple devoted to Athena and that the romans consecrated to Minerva. All the way down the path you will be accompanied by the jaw dropping sight of the island of Capri in the middle of the Thyrrenian Sea. Once you arrive to the head of the Peninsula, you are going to see a modern lighthouse next to a medieval abandoned watchtower.

9. Valle dei Mulini

This simple yet beautiful hike starts from the city of Amalfi. Finding signboards to "Valle dei Mulini" in the main square, it is quite simple to follow the path. It starts with a well-paved path, and after 800 mt or so, it becomes more "wild". You are going to experience there a real adventure, as you will see the ruins of the old paper mills that took advantage of Canneto river to produce the renowed Amalfi paper.

8. Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods)

The legend says that this trail was once hiked by the old greek Gods to save Ulysses from syrens on Li Galli little isle.
Probably this is the most known hike of all the Peninsula, due to its stunning views, which hikers experience during all the ca. 5km hike, from Bomerano (an Agerola hamlet) to Nocelle.

7. Grande Anello del Faito (Great Faito Ring)

To hike this trail, you have to go to Castellammare di Stabia and take a cable car which will take you to Villaggio del Monte Faito. From there you will start the hike which will lead you to beautiful 360° panoramas on all the gulf of Naples and Cilento, until the reach of the top of Monte Faito.

6. Alto Sentiero degli Dei (High Path of the Gods)

Similar to the Path of the Gods, this particular hike is for those who likes more challenging in a trek. Longer, higher, you will walk on top of Lattari mountains, following the steps of the Gods. Take with you your camera and binoculars, you could see hawks flying around or resting on some cliffs.

5. Bay of Ieranto

Take your swimsuit with you for this one! Starting from the village of Nerano, you will do a simple and astonishing hike to this famous bay, and you will not want to miss for everything in the World a nice swim in this stunning bay.

If you are here after the first part of this list, it means you are searching some serious and hard hike! So stick with me, and I promise you that the last four hikes here are the most challenging of all the Sorrentine Peninsula!

4. I Tre Calli

This panoramic route goes up high some beautiful mountains of the Lattari. Nine km long, it's a nice walk up to "Tre Calli mount", which stands on 1122mt on sea level, offering some beautiful perspective of the Amalfi Coast.

3. Monte Comune

Starting from Piano di Sorrento, you will hike to Monte Comune first, at 877mt, and then descend to Positano. During the trail you will be fascinated from the Mediterranean scrub and from the view on small inlets with crystal clear water

2. Monte Molare

Also known as Monte San Michele, this is the highest mountain of Lattari mountains, with its 1444mt of elevation. Although you will front 700 mt of altitude gaining, it runs through good trails curated by CAI (Italian Alpine Club). On the top of it, you will witness a 360° astonishing view, from Vevusio to the Gulf of Naples, and from the Amalfi Coast to Cilento.

1. Monte Canino

This can be considered as the most difficult hike of all the Sorrentine Peninsula. Though its elevation is 1350 mt, it is a trail advised just to expert hikers. If you are brave and expert enough, you will not want to miss this one, because of the landscape you can enjoy from there, and all the quietness that surrounds you will just make you fall in love with that place.