Naples: the undergroud city

Everyone knows the city of Naples, the one kissed by the sun, but few know what hides, what flows in its bowels. Under the city of Naples, there is a real second city, that of the Greco-Roman foundation, of the tufaceous tunnels, of the small streams that still feed the underground cisterns. City of memories and stories.

At 40 meters depth begins the journey to discover places that mix, ancient and esoteric. Many legends are born from these places some of the most famous of the Neapolitan tradition, such as the "Monaciello".

Coming down from a well in the upper city we can come out of another part of the city, exactly as if we were walking through its alleys, but actually going through "mythical" tunnels. A place rich in tradition and history: from the ancient Greeks and Romans, to the anti-bomb shelters of the Second World War, from the war records, from the scratches of those who worked the tufa to the tales of political satire.

We do not anticipate anything else, we leave you the pleasure to discover for yourself how beautiful it is under Naples, also through this video.