If you want to enjoy a shining sea, breathtaking panoramas, walking surrounded by nature, there’s nothing better than a weekend in Ischia!

First step: Lacco Ameno

Casamicciola – Lacco Ameno
By car/scooter: 2 km – 7 minutes

First stop visit Lacco Ameno, where you can see his characteristic “mushroom” and the little square. You can dive into the clear water of the Bay of San Montano: the seaside has a half moon form and sand has a light color.

Second step: La Mortella Gardens

Bay of San Montano – La Mortella Gardens
By car/scooter: 1,6 km – 5 minutes

The magnificent La Mortella Gardens are part of Lady Walton’s villa. They are characterized by an abundant vegetation: more than 500 species of tropical and Mediterranean plants. Besides, the Luchino Visconti’s villa is just a few metres away. It houses a museum dedicated to the director.

The Garden is open from 1 April to 31 October

on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 9.00 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Price ticket €12,00

12 – 18 years and over 70 €10,00

3 – 11 years €7,00

0 – 6 years Free entry

Ischia Porto

As for the evening, the area of Ischia porto has a lot of restaurant, pubs, bars and discos, especially in Via Roma and Corso Vittoria Colonna, where you can also take an enjoyable walk.

Bay of Sorgeto and Borgo Sant’Angelo

The next morning, go to Panza, hamlet of Forio, where you’ll find a real wonder of the nature: the Bay of Sorgeto. Here you can relax in her natural thermal baths, totally free. Worm springs flow from subsoil reaching high temperature up to 90°C. Blending with sea water, it creates tanks of hot and cold water, enclosed by stones.

Bay of Sorgeto – Borgo Sant’Angelo
By car/scooter: 2,6 km – 7 minutes

Would you like to take an evocative walk and a good lunch? If so, you must visit the picturesque Borgo Sant’Angelo. It is one of the most romantic places of Ischia, populated mostly by fishermen. During the stroll, you will see the vivacity of benches decorated with coloured tiles.

Forio Ischia: Ischia Tower and Church of Soccorso

Sant’Angelo – Forio
By car/scooter: 6,3 km – 17 minutes

Head to Forio, here, in the middle of the inhabited center, you will see the Torrione(Tower): the highest watchtower of Ischia. In tuff stone, it was built in 1480 to defend itself against the raids of the corsairs.

Before sunset, go to the Church of Soccorso. It rises on a promontory overlooking the sea and stands out with its white walls. From the adjacent terrace you can admire a breathtaking view and a spectacular sunset.

Maronti Beach

The next morning I recommend going to the Maronti Beach, the largest of Ischia. Here a stage is obligatory to relax and take a bath in its clear waters. You will notice a small area of ​​the beach which is forbidden to approach for safety reasons: these are the Fumarole. In this area the sand is hot because of the volcanic activity of the island. The subsoil emits a great heat (100 ° C), which produces clouds of steam on the surface and gas bubbles in the sea.

Aragonese Castle

Maronti Beach – Aragonese Castle
By car/scooter: 8,7 km – 22 minutes

In the area of Ischia Ponte there is one of the symbols of the island: the Aragonese Castle. It rises on an islet, formed following a volcanic eruption. The Castle is open all year, every day from 9am to sunset. The visit takes about an hour and a half. The entrance can be reached via an elevator or on foot. From the castle you can admire a wonderful sunset, sitting at the bar table.

Rates Aragonese Castle

Adults € 10.00
Children 10-14 years € 6,00
Children 0-9 years Free


Aragonese Castle – Casamicciola Harbour
By car/scooter: 6,4 km – 21 minutes

From Ischia bridge, reach the port, from where you can take your ferry or hydrofoil to return to Naples.

P.S .: If instead of the sea, you prefer to relax in one of the many thermal centers of Ischia, you have only the embarrassment of choice. Almost everyone also has a restaurant and private access to the shore.

Trip to Ischia: Information on how to reach the island

Price: about 20€ for route – Duration: 1 hour

To get the island, there are frequent routes from Naples, by ferryboat and hydrofoil. You can buy the ticket directly at this link (SNAV).

Once at Casamicciola harbour, after a pleasant stroll, I advise you to rent a motor-scooter or a car. The island of Ischia is very big, so that is the best way to visit all its places easily.