Are you in Naples for holiday? You are surely wondering what to do in Naples during your stay. You will want to choose the best things to do according to the kind of holiday you have in mind.

You would like to be a tourist, know and visit the attractions and things to see in Naples: squares, streets, monuments, museums, archaeological sites near Naples and throughout Campania. However, there are so many things to do. To do things more calmly and without missing anything you can think of visiting attractions and monuments of Naples with specific guided tours, in short, the tours of Naples.

But during your holiday, in addition to tourism, you'll be looking for fun in Naples, activities to do in joy: events in Naples, theater, concerts, shows. And if you travel with your family then you'll be looking for playgrounds in Naples, but also water parks, open air places and all the attractions of Naples for children and activities in Naples for the whole family.

The fun will continue in the evening. After a great dinner you'll want to go around and to do it better you'll want to know what to do in Naples in the evening: clubs and discos in Naples, cocktail bars, parties. Everything that Naples bynight can offer.

After the fun comes the Relax, and Naples has so much to offer: from hot springs to spas, the thermal baths in Campania are many and very popular with tourists so if you are also looking for wellness in Naples, you have chosen the right city.

In short, whatever you want to do or see, you'll find it in Naples. All you need is to know where to look for it. Don't worry, Visit Naples helps you!

Attractions and things to see in Naples

There are so many things to see in Naples so once you've worn your tourist clothes you'll be spoilt for choice starting from the historic center of Naples, with its narrow streets teeming with life and tradition. Afterwards, you will want to visit the wonderful museums of Naples and the extraordinary buildings and monuments, those of the historic center but also the things to see near Naples such as Reggia di Caserta, not far from Naples, or the excavations of Pompeii, along with all the other archaeological sites of Campania. In short, there are plenty of attractions and things to see in Naples and there's something for everyone.

Tours in Naples

To visit all Naples attraction in the right way and at the right time you could do organized tours. In Naples there are many agencies and associations that organize tours in Naples but also in all other points of interest: guided tours to Pompeii and other archaeological sites, tours with a visit to the Reggia di Caserta and, often, also cover more relaxing itineraries, such as a day tour to the Amalfi Coast. There are many advantages to relying on organized tours, from the comfort of transport to the importance of having an authorized guide who can show you the beauty of the place. If you are looking for this kind of activity you will be surprised by the wonderful tours in Naples that you will find.

Fun in Naples

Once you've taken off your tourist clothes, you'll be looking for more things to do: activities, entertainment and all that's fun in Naples. Naples offers a lot, that's why we've gathered for you a list of things to do in Naples in couple or with friends, so events in Naples, concerts, theaters in Naples, but also other things to do with the family, activities for children, playgrounds in Naples, carnivals and more. Having fun is important and we're sure you'll also be looking for some fun in Naples during your visit.

Cocktail bars in Naples

What about going out in the evening to have fun? Cocktail bars in Naples and places to go out for a drink? The city also offers lots of fun for the bynight and the list of clubs and discos in Naples is long so don't worry, if you consult our list you will always know what to do in Naples in the evening.

Beach resorts in Naples

The sea in Naples is a must-see. There are many beaches in Naples and near Naples and they are all beautiful and it is worth visiting them in every season: for a fun day at the seaside when the weather is good and maybe for a romantic evening walk in the coldest seasons. And the same goes for the beach resorts in Naples: perfect for a relaxing bath and enjoy a day at the seaside, often in the evening they turn into romantic locations for dinners, events and evenings in Naples and its surroundings even before or after the summer.

Wellness in Naples

After the fun, on a holiday you can not miss a bit 'of rest and, if you are looking for wellness in Naples, you have chosen the right city: Naples, for its volcanic activity, is rich in hot springs such as the hot springs of Agnano or the hot springs of Ischia, around which there are wonderful thermal baths and spas. Naples, moreover, is a city where the cult of the beautiful life is strong and the Neapolitans know well how to pamper themselves. This means that in Naples there are many activities related to wellness and aesthetics such as beauty salons and massage centers. Wellness in Naples is taken very seriously.