Naples is a city rich in beauty, history, landscapes, attractions, wonders and contradictions and all that makes it perfect as a destination to spend a weekend. Once arrived in the city to spend your weekend in Naples, you’ll probably ask yourself questions like where to go, what to do, what to see in Naples? In which point of Naples do I begin my tour? Where do I conclude?

That’s why we have designed a route that allows you to visit Naples in a weekend. To define the route we suggest you for your weekend in Naples we imagined a 3-day weekend, from Friday morning to Sunday evening, but it can also be taken in a holiday bridge.

Day 1 - Historic Center, Santa Chiara' Monastery and Veiled Christ

Necessary expenses:
  • Metro’s tickets 3€ (2 tickets 1,50 € for each ticket)
  • Entrance ticket to the Cloister of Santa Chiara: 7€ (reduced ticket 5€)
  • Entrance ticket to the Sansevero Chapel and visit at the Veiled Christ: 10€ (reduced ticket 7€)
  • Total: 20€
The ideal starting point to begin the first day of tour is Dante square. If you start from the central station you can easily reach Dante square taking the subway. However, if you are in another part of the city you can reach Garibaldi square before or directly take the subway in one of the different stations throughout the city.

From Dante square you have to go down Via Toledo, but only briefly, just long enough to take Via Maddaloni, the initial part of the lower decumanus better known as Spaccanapoli. It's a road that crosses the city center and then goes to many places of interest in the city. One of these is the Monastery of Santa Chiara, which is one of the stops on our itinerary. After the visit to Santa Chiara, continuing along Via Benedetto Croce, you will find the junction with Via San Gregorio Armeno, the historical road of the cribs, which we suggest you to visit covering it all.

From Via San Gregorio Armeno you can take Via Dei Tribunali, the main decumanus of Naples. Following this street in the direction of Piazza Dante you can reach the San Severo Chapel Museum, home to Giuseppe Sammartino's extraordinary Veiled Christ, which is the last stop on our first day in Naples. Once you have finished your visit, simply reverse the route you took to return to Piazza Dante and then plunge into Via Toledo, the main shopping street!

Day 2 - Tour of Pompeii with visit to the excavations and Vesuvius

Necessary expenses:
  • Circumvesuviana’s tickets: 7,20 € (2 tickets, 3,60 € for each ticket)
  • Tickets for the shuttle to the crater of Vesuvius: 6,20€ (2 tickets 3,10 € for each ticket) with the Eav service, 10€ with the service of BusVia Vesuvio
  • Entrance ticket to the excavations of Pompeii: 22€ (reduced tickets 2€)
The second day of the tour entirely takes place in Pompeii so the first thing you need to know it’s how to reach Pompeii.
Starting from the central station of Naples, Pompeii can be easily reached via the Circumvesuviana trains. The bus stop that interests us is that of Pompeii – Villa of the Mysteries. From there you can take buses of the BusVia of Vesuvius service, leading up to the reserve of the volcanic crater of Vesuvius.

The visit of Vesuvius will take you to climb the slopes of this majestic volcano until arriving at an altitude of over 1000 meters. After reaching that altitude you can admire one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, including the Gulf of Naples, Salerno and more. Once at the summit, in addition, you can let yourself be enchanted by the majesty of the crater and touch the volcanic rock that forms it. After you visited the Vesuvius you will return to the station of Pompeii Excavations making the route back. The excavations of Pompeii are a short walk from there.

Day 3 - Day at the beach, Kayak and afternoon on the promenade

Necessary expenses:
  • Tickets for public transport 3€ (2 tickets, 1,50 € for each ticket)
  • Fee for the kayak rental 10€ (per 3 hrs)
  • Total: 13€
In the days of your stay in Naples, at least one must be passed by the sea. One of the best beach is the one of the Gaiola in Posillipo, that's district of Naples famous for its panoramic views of the Gulf, postcard images that are part of the imaginary of all the neapolitans. Posillipo can be reached in different ways, but the quickest is to take the underground line 2 from Garibaldi square and get off at the Mergellina stop. A few steps from there, you can get on the bus line 140, which will lead up to the parking, in Capo Posillipo. 

Get off the bus and take the road to the left, just before the bridge. This is the Gaiola descent, a road that, taken all the way down, will take you directly to the beach of the same name. The beach is completely open to the public, except for the part included in the Gaiola submerged park where you will need to show a document and/or make a reservation depending on the period. Once at the beach, you have several options to choose from depending on your preferences: you can take a kayak ride to the Bay of Naples, relax on the rocks, or enjoy a classic Neapolitan day at the beach.