Naples in a week: is possible?

Naples is a city full of beauties, stories, landscapes, and attractions and the time to visit it is never enough. It could happen to you to visit Naples for an entire week and in that case you’ll wonder: Where to go? What to do? What see? From which part of Naples I’ll start my tour? Where it will end?  

In order to answer these questions, we propose this itinerary that will help you visit Naples in a week. 

Monday: from the historical center to the San Severo Chapel

The perfect point to start this tour is Dante square.
It is possible to reach this square thanks to the Metro Line 1, which can be taken in Garibaldi square (central station) or in the various stations throughout the city.
Necessary expenses
Metro’s tickets: 2 € (2 tickets, 1 € for each ticket)
Entrance ticket to the Cloister of Santa Chiara: 6 € (reduced ticket 4,50 €)
Entrance ticket to the Sansevero Chapel and visit at the Veiled Christ: 7 € (reduced ticket 5€)
Entrance ticket to the Naples Underground: 10 € (reduced ticket 8 €)

Total: 25€

Starting from Dante square, you have to go down Toledo street up to take Maddaloni street, the initial part of the lower decuman better known as “Spaccanapoli”. Spaccanapoli is a street that cross all the historic center of Naples, so it pass through many places of interest of the city, one of them is the Cloister of Santa Chiara. Continuing along this street you will reach Naples Underground. Here you can make a guided tour in the underground of Naples. Continuing along you will reach Saint Gregorio Armeno street, the historical street of the nativity scenes.
From Saint Gregorio Armeno street you can take Tribunali street (street of the courts), the superior decuman of Naples. Continuing along this street, towards Dante square, you will reach the Sansevero Chapel, where you can find the famous Velied Christ made by Giuseppe Sammartino. After visiting Sansevero Chapel you can easily reach back through Piazza Dante passing by Portalba street.

Tuesday: Naples seen from above (from the hilly area, Vomero)

The Certosa of Saint Martino is a monastery on the hill of Sant’Elmo on the Vomero, you can reach it in various ways: taking the Metro Line 1, that can be taken also in Garibaldi square (central station), and getting off at the Vanvitelli square station.
If you start form the downtown Naples you can take the Funicular of Montesanto that can be taken in the area of the “Pignasecca”, nearby Dante square, you should get off at the terminus of the line, that is Morghen street.
If you start from the Vomero, you can take the bus V1, which has the terminus in San Martino, it stop in the square in front of the monastery.
Necessary expenses
Metro’s tickets: 2 € (2 tickets, 1 € for each ticket)
Entrance ticket to the Certosa of Saint Martino: 6 € (reduced ticket 3 €)
Total: 8 €
In order to reach the Funicular of Montesanto, you have to take the Metro Line 1 and get off at the Toledo station, continuing along this street towards Dante square, then turn left just after Carità square (Charity square). Go straight on until you reach the Funicular of Montesanto. Take the funicular and get off at the terminus, Morghen street. There, you have to go up the street on your right and you will reach the Certosa of Saint Martino in 10 minutes. After visiting this beautiful monastery, from which you can admire the entire Gulf of Naples, you can choose to make a tour of the most famous streets of the Vomero. Going down the street you will reach Vanvitelli square, continuing along this one, you will reach Scarlatti street and Luca Giordano street, that are full of beautiful trees on their sides and there are a lot of stores where you can make shopping. In order to come back to the center of the city you must take the funicular in Morghen street or you can take del Metro Line 1 in Vanvitelli square or in the various stations throughout the Vomero.
In this area if you had the opportunity to reach it: another thing to recommend is  the Hermitage of Camaldolese.

Wednesday: Maschio Angioino, shopping streets and the Waterfront

In order to reach the Maschio Angioino you have to take the Metro Line 1 and get off at the Municipio station. The easier way to reach Plebiscito square is to take the Metro Line 1 and get off at the Toledo station, from the square the Chiaia costline is distant few meters.
Necessary expenses
Metro’s tickets: 2 € (2 tickets, 1 € for each ticket)
Entrance ticket to the Maschio Angioino: 6 € (reduced ticket 3 €)
Total: 8 €
Starting from Garibaldi square (central station), take the Metro Line 1 and get off at the Municipio station. The Maschio Angioino is in front of the station. After visiting the beautiful castle, you must go straight the street on your left and you will reach the most famous theatre of the city, the Saint Carlo. The theatre is nearby Trieste and Trento square, just a few meters ahead you will find the Plebiscito square.
Coming back towards Trieste and Trento square you can go straight towards Roma street, which will bring you to Toledo street and after to Dante square where you can find the stations of the Metro Line 1, you can also turn left and take Chiaia street. This is one of the most suggestive street in Naples, full of clothing stores, bars and stands. Continuing along this path you will find Martiri square and after that Filangieri street, which is full of clothing stores too.
At the end of this street you fill finally find the Riviera di Chiaia where you can find restaurants and the Public Garden where you can take a beautiful walk. Continuing along the costline you will reach Mergellina, here you can adrmire the view, you can take an aperitif in a chalet. After this you can take the Metro Line 2 that from Mergellina will bring you in Garibaldi square.

Thursday: the beach of Naples at the submerged park of Gaiola

During your permanence in Naples you can't avoid going to the beach. The Gaiola beach is one of the most beautiful beach in Naples.
Necessary expenses
Metro’s tickets: 3 € (2 tickets, 1,50 € for each ticket)
Entrance ticket to the Castel Dell'Ovo: free
Entrance ticket to the Public Garden: free
Total: 3 €
The Gaiola beach is situated in Posillipo. The faster way to reach Posillipo is to take the Metro Line 2 in Garibaldi square and get off at the Mergellina station.
Going towards the seafront you will find Sannazzaro square and after few meters Leone square. Here you can take the bus 140 that will bring you in Capo Posillipo. Here you have to going down the little street on the left, just before the bridge, this little street is called Gaiola Descent. That little street will bring you directly to the Gaiola Park. In order to enter in this park it is possible that you will have to show a document at the entrance.
Once you arrived to the beach you can finally relax and take a bath.
After spending a satisfying day at the Gaiola beach you can return retracing Gaiola Descent and taking back the bus 140 to return to Mergellina.
Back in the square Leone you will spend the rest of the day on the Mergellina seafront, place full of attractions, from the chalets to the Public Garden to Castel dell'Ovo.
When you want to go away, you can take again the Metro Line 2 and get back to Garibaldi square.

Friday: Pompeii, the largest archaeological site in the world

Necessary expenses
Circumvesuviana’s tickets: 6,40 € (2 tickets, 3,20 € for each ticket)
Tickets for the shuttle to the crater of Vesuvius: 5,40 € (2 tickets, 2,70 € for each ticket) with the Eav service, 22 € (including the guided tour of one hour), with the service of BusVia Vesuvio
Entrance ticket to the excavations of Pompeii: 13 € (reduced tickets 7,50 €)
Total: 25 € - 42 €
Starting from the central station in Naples you can reach Pompeii with the Circumvesuviana. Take the train to Sorrento, then you must get off at the station of Pompei Excavations - Villa dei Misteri. From there you can take buses BusVia of Vesuvius service or one of the EAV shuttle service that will bring you to the reserve of the volcanic crater of Vesuvius.
In order to continue the visit of the volcano you have to pay a ticket, which varies depending on where you start. The ticket price ranges from 7-8 € to just over 20 € and almost always includes a guide service.
The visit of Vesuvius will take you to climb this beautiful volcano until arriving at an altitude of over 1000 meters. From here you can admire the gulf of Naples, Salerno and more.
After the visit of Vesuvius you can get back to the station of Pompeii Excavations, the excavations of Pompeii are distant only few meters from there.
The Pompeii excavations is the largest archaeological site in the world and we recommend you to take all the afternoon to visit everything and let yourself be enchanted by this magical atmosphere that will make you relive the greatness of the past. The tickets for the Pompeii excavations has a full price of 13 € and 7.50 € for the reduced ticket.
For the visit of the Vesuvius and the Pompeii excavations, you will be subject to special discounts visiting the sites on special days such as, for example, on the first Sunday of each month, where both sites are often free.
After visiting the excavations you just have to go back to the Circumvesuviana station of Pompeii and catch the train that will take you back to Garibaldi square.

Saturday: discover the beauty of Sorrento

Necessary expenses

Circumvesuviana’s tickets: 7,20 € (2 tickets, 3,60 € for each ticket)

Total: 7,20 €

You can reach Sorrento, just taking the Circumvesuviana from Garibaldi square, and take the train to Sorrento. Our advice is to take the entire day and visit all the towns that precede Sorrento, that is Meta, Piano and Saint Agnello. In each of these towns you will find a beautiful beach where you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Once in Sorrento you can go to the Marina Piccola where there is the port or to the Marina Grande, passing through the beautiful Vittoria square, here you will find a small beach where you can relax and take a bath.

You can have dinner in one of the many restaurants in the alleys of the town or make shopping in the many souvenir stores and clothing stores.

Sunday: visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta

Necessary expenses

Train's tickets: 6,20 € (2 tickets, almost 3,10 € for each ticket)

Entrance ticket to the Royal Palace of Caserta: Historical apartments, Park and English Garden 12 € (reduced ticket 6 €), if you choose to visit only Historical Apartments 9 € (reduced ticket 4,50 €), the first Sunday of each month the Historical Apartments will be open for free while the park will be visible to paying 5 € (reduced ticket 2,50 €)

Total: 11,20 € - 18,20 €

Starting from Naples, you can reach the Royal Palace of Caserta taking the train to Caserta from the central station of Naples. The costs of the tickets depends on the time of the booking, the minimum price is 3.10 €. Once in Caserta, in order to reach the Royal Palace, you have to go straight the street. The famous Royal Palace can be visited entirely (apartments, park and gardens) or only some parts, of course, the tickets prices will vary according to your choices. Our advice is to visit it all because it will give you unique emotions, it is indescribable the beauty of the park and the English gardens.