Wine & Food tasting tours in Naples: outward shore excursions for every sense

New format for outward shore excursions, but in just one day is also possible to take up real wine & food tasting tours that will let you discover all the authentic tastes of the Campania Region. Of course, the most important place for this kind of tour is the Sorrento Peninsula, area with a very old dairy tradition, where it is possible to taste old wines and flavours like: the Gragnano pasta, the Agerola dairy products, the Sorrento lemon liqueur and the DOP olive oil. Equal in importance  are the Paestum and Phlegrean Fields ; in particular,Paestum is known for the buffalo mozzarella production, while the Phlegrean Fields are famous for their typical wines like the Falanghina, the Falerno and the Per' e' Palumm'. Among all the other services the company offers, it is possible to use the wedding car, the Shuttle service, the Guide services and walking tours. 

The best excursions to do in Campania in one day

Finally the so awaited Sunday morning has arrived, the weather is awesome and you don't want to stay at home at all? What is better than a nice outward journey around this astonishing Region? Of course, there are a lot of funny occasions and several suggestive locations that the Campania Region offers for just one day, and we would like to give you the chance to spend a peaceful day, by discovering the mysterious charm of the Region with a little selection of the farthest places, too. It is sufficient to think about the islands such as Ischia, Capri and Procida; or the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, ending with the all the hidden trasures of the city of Naples that you don't know yet, such as the Phlegrean Fields and the Solfatara Volcano.

Organized tours in Campania? All the info you need

If you need to plan your trip but you don't know anyone to call who, Cammarota Viaggi is the tourist service made right for you. In about 8 and a half hours, and according to all your needs, it will bring you around the Campania Region, following these 10 diffrerent types of tours:  Naples-Pompeii-Vesuvius; Pompeii-Sorrento-Positano; Pompeii-Herculaneum-Vesuvius; Sorrento-Amalfi Coast; Pompeii & Wine Tasting; Positano-Amalfi-Ravello; Naples & Capri; Royal Palace of Caserta & Gardens; Phlegrean Fields & Solfatara Volcano; Paestum & Chees Factory. Besides, it is possible to ask for a multilingual driver and a Professional Guide.

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