History and design of Via Duomo in Naples

Spaccanapoli is the most famous street in Naples, via Duomo with its 1200 meters of grandeur is certainly not a secondary street. This road connects the city with a thousand intersections between art, culture, history, tradition and shopping.

Its conception was approved in 1853 when the Bourbon reigned over Naples, its project has undergone several variations over the years, while its design dates back to 14 years earlier. The idea of ​​the road was to connect the current Via Foria to Via Marina, a project that was expanded over the years to expand the connection beyond the Duomo and beyond the current Piazza Nicola Amore. To complete this connection, the facade and a nave of the church of San Giorgio Maggiore, later rebuilt, were demolished. While the width of the road was always the same.

The works were also banned during the period of the unification of Italy, to then be completed in 1868, via Duomo has always been a street in constant evolution so that during the First World War the street was named in dedication to the then American president Woodrow Wilson.

Via Duomo in Naples: a street rich in art, culture, history, food and religion

Walking in via Duomo we can taste the essence of Naples, a street that is the major cornerstone, because it crosses the three main decumans of the city.
Here we can admire the religious side of Naples with the Duomo, the church where the miracle of San Gennaro takes place or where you can admire the museum with the history of the saint.
Crossing the streets that cross via Duomo we can find many museums, in fact, a few steps from this street we find the famous Chapel of San Severo, the National Archaeological Museum immediately after finishing via Duomo, Underground Naples and many others. A street rich in art and culture, where a single paragraph would not be enough to tell the whole story that one can live near via Duomo.
The culinary tradition, via Duomo is full of pizzerias and typical restaurants, here you can also find many traditional places offering street food both typical of the city or innovative, without straying too far from that goodness that is Neapolitan cuisine.
Via Duomo is ideal for a walk even for those who need to go shopping: the street is full of local shops for all ages and all types, from the classic to the most modern shops.

Stay in the center of Naples: how to reach Via Duomo

Staying in via Duomo in Naples is certainly a strategic tip for your holiday in Naples: you are in the city center and you can move easily by public transport or on foot. Via Duomo is in the city center and can be easily reached on foot from Piazza Garibaldi station or by metro.

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The company also has an apartment in the nearby Piazza Bovio, still in the center of Naples and a few meters from the University metro station.

Now you know one of the most important streets of the city, you know where to stay in the historic center, pack your bags and come to visit Naples!