Where to stay in Naples? Planning your holiday in Naples, you certainly wondered. Visit Naples will help you to find the best solution for your needs: There is a wide choice of accommodation in Naples. If you are in the city for a family trip or business trip, you will probably want a place in the best area to stay in Naples, while if your trip to Naples is more adventurous you will be looking for a solution to stay in Naples spending little, maybe in an accommodation near the historic center or in an area well connected by public transport in order to visit the city better and you should aim for a B & B or a hostel.
For a long stay in Naples you will need a certain comfort, in that case you will be interested in the apartments in Naples, while for a more elegant holiday you have to choose among the best hotels, maybe one on the beautiful seafront of Naples overlooking the Gulf.

Whatever the type of trip you are planning, in our list you will find the best places to sleep in Naples divided by category.

B&B in Naples

A B&B in Naples is the best solution to stay in Naples at a low cost but without sacrificing comfort. The ideal would be to choose a Bed and Breakfast in the center of Naples in an area well connected so you can visit Naples on foot and then move by public transport.
The best B&Bs in Naples to choose from can be found here on Visit Naples.

Hotels in Naples

The hotel is the best solution for those who visit the city of Naples during a romantic trip or a business trip. In the case of a romantic holiday in Naples you will be looking for a luxurious hotel, perhaps those on the seafront, overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Naples, or a hotel in a chic area of Naples, such as the area of Via Chiaia or the hill of Posillipo.
If you are in Naples for business you should look for accommodation in a more central area, perhaps connected with the subway, such as via Toledo, for example.
Whatever your needs, you will find the best hotels in Naples here on Visit Naples.

Vacation rentals in Naples

Are you coming to Naples with the whole family? You could find the accommodation that suits you among the vacation rentals in Naples. A vacatin rental is just like an apartment: there you can find all the spaces and comforts you have at home and enjoy your family holiday in total privacy and relaxation. The perfect Naples vacation rental for your trip is right here, on Visit Naples.