These are just some of the most famous uses and customs of the Neapolitans, but do not miss the opportunity to discover many others living the city in first person.

Discover uses and traditions of Naples

Naples is a pile of usages, customs and traditions that nestle in the buildings born from the tuff of which the land is composed. The customs of the Neapolitans are famous all over the world, but discover with us the characters of the Neapolitan customs and traditions.

Neapolitan traditions: between history and religion

In Naples, traditions are linked to the social fabric. They unite all generations, from children to the elderly, through adolescents, everyone wants to feel part of these traditions. 

Traditions are not only linked to religious events, but are linked above all to historical and political events in the city. It is also a choral participation of those who only follow the processions, but also of occasional presences who observe everyday life in Naples.

The importance of food in Naples

Alongside religious traditions there are also daily rituals that are typical of those who live in Naples, but also of those who visit it occasionally. Food, for example, is one of these rituals. The whole day of the Neapolitan can be marked according to the food, we start from the breakfast the inevitable coffee, accompanied by some traditional Neapolitan dolcetto, passing for lunch and dinner where the typical Neapolitan pizza is the host for those who eat for Street.

Speaking in Naples: the art of gesticulation

Walking through Naples you will certainly meet a Neapolitan intent to discuss and do it especially gesticulating. Fingers closed then trey change in a rotation of the palm of the hand, which enrich and decorate the discussion.

If you find an ad hoc Neapolitan, he might even be able to understand what they're talking about a few meters away. The Neapolitan gesture corresponds almost to a real sign language.

Naples: an open-air theater

Street art is also known in Naples. In the districts of the city of Vesuvius it is full of artists who, with the healthy art of Neapolitan arranging, show off all their skills: from painters to singers, up to the actors and showmen in the round. Don't miss the chance to touch even this particular branch of Neapolitan art.