Visiting the islands is a wonderful experience.

The islands of the Mediterranean are among the most sought-after destinations for European tourism. Visiting places such as the Aeolian Islands or the Pontine Islands, not to mention places like Ischia and Procida is one of the experiences that you should not miss if you want to know the Mediterranean. The term Mediterranean has a Latin origin and means precisely "among the lands", but over the centuries as we know it has also become an adjective that indicates among other things a particular conformation of the climate, among the most favorable for the flourishing of life: "Mediterranean climate". This makes you understand that the islands of the Mediterranean are real pearls not to be missed at all!

An offer not to be missed: the advantages of travelling with SNAV

If you want information on how to get to the islands you want, you've come to the right place. The Snav maritime connections, proposes departures from Naples (pier Beverello), for the following islands: Ischia, Procida, Pontine, Eolie. The pier Beverello is located along one of the main roads of the city that runs along the port: via Marina. The road is easily accessible by public transport. In addition, the Snav offers coverage by ferry on the route Ancona-Spalato. In addition to the standard service, if you buy our Naples pass, you'll get a 20% discount on every single trip (excluding taxes)! 

Agreed routes:

  • Ancona - Spalato and vice-versa
  • Naples - Pontine Islands and vice-versa (Ventotene, Ponza)
  • Naples - Aeolian Islands and vice-versa
  • Naples - Procida and vice-versa
  • Naples - Ischia (Casamicciola) and vice-versa

You will receive your promotion code after purchasing your Naples Pass. The discount is only applicable on purchase from call center (+390814285555) or website.

In short, the islands of the Mediterranean are waiting for you and you have the opportunity to travel using a service where high quality and convenience meet to give you unforgettable moments.