It's much easier to get tips on how to spend money while traveling, than how to save them during your trip. That’s why I'd like to share with you some tricks about saving on public transport in Naples that you might find useful. Also, these are typical public transportation ways that the Neapolitans are using, so it will let you learn more about the locals while fitting in.

How to go around Naples with public transport

The public transportation system of Naples is operated by two companies and includes city buses, funicular lines, regional buses, Metro Lines 1, 2 and 6, Circumvesuviana, Circumfegrea and Cumana train lines.
You can travel with all of these within the city limit, using a Unico ticket or TIC ticket.
There are also ticket to reach specific zones of the province of Naples, they are valid in the city too.
What kind of ticket i have to buy?
  • Hourly ticket – it lasts 90 minutes from the time the ticket is validated
  • Daily ticket –  it lasts until midnight of the day the ticket is validated
  • Weekly ticket – and it lasts until midnight of the last day of the week of validity
  • Monthly ticket – and it lasts until midnight of the last day of the month of validity
Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly tickets can be purchased at tobacco shop (tabaccheria) or newspaper stands. There are ticket machines at many of the railway, metro and cable railway stations as well as at selected bus stops throughout the city.

If you are on holiday in Naples, we recommend the purchase of Naples Pass, the official digital tourist card of Naples. 

With Naples Pass you have unlimited transport for 3 or 7 days, the possibility of purchasing special routes in advance (Pompeii, Herculaneum, Caserta), the possibility of purchasing transfers to and from Capodichino airport in advance, as well as discounts at museums and activities around the city and free pizza!  

First thing: Taxi or bus in Naples?

You just landed in Naples, don't have a mountain of luggage or you are not in a big group with which you could split the taxi cost. Take the special bus from the airport! You don't have to book before and you can buy the tickets directly on the board. Just in front of the airport, there is a bus stop which is bringing you for only 4 euros to the central train station, port or the main square. The taxi costs from about 20 euros fixed tariff and unless you're not in a big group or having too heavy luggage I'd suggest that you take a bus instead.

There are two bus lines from Capodichino airport to the city center::

  • 3S line is an urban bus with several busstops around the city, including one in Capodichino Airport, one in the Central Station and one near Piazza Municipio.
  • Alibus is a shuttle bus that only goes from Capodichino Airport to the city center, without other busstops. Alibus line has departures every 20 minutes.

It takes about 15 minutes to reach Naples city center from Capodichino without traffic.

If you like to plan everything in advance and enjoy your trip in complete relaxation, we recommend you secure your Alibus ticket in advance by purchasing Naples Pass.

Here you can download Alibus Schedules:

Take the Naples metro

Not only you can visit, according to BBC, the most beautiful metro stop in Europe: "Toledo", but also it's a 1 euro cheap way to give your feet a break. If you think you will move a lot with the public transport inside the city I suggest that you take a 3,50 euro daily or 12 euro weekly ticket. All the public transport, like bus, metro, and funicular, which move inside the Naples are included in the ticket.

Visit Hercolaneum, Pompeii and Sorrento with public transport

One of the coolest things about Naples is that you can travel to some other very cool places like Herculaneum, Pompeii or Sorrento super cheap and you're not obligated to look for the special buses or book anything, an easier and cheaper way exists. There is a train that leaves right from Garibaldi central train station. It's called "Circumvesuviana". You can get the tickets near the entry and the price is only from 2 to 3 euros, depending on where you want to go. And it takes only about 20 minutes to go to Herculaneum, 40 minutes to Pompeii and 1 hour to Sorrento.

However, again, if you prefer to plan without having to worry about anything, the only way to secure your tickets in advance is to buy a tourist pass. This is definitely the best option if your trip is short and if you have never been to Naples before because it saves you time. With Naples Pass you can buy in advance the round trip to Pompeii, Herculaneum and Caserta

Hope you'll find these tips useful for your journey in Naples. Use public transport in the cheaper way and use the money you save for something more exciting.

So, use the public transport, save money and visit Naples.

The Naples Pass: one card in Naples for transport and museums

During your trip you will need to use public transport and you will definitely visit the main attractions of Naples. A smart way for tourists to do both is to buy the Naples Pass

The Naples Pass is a card in Naples for transport and museums: Naples Pass can offer you a season ticket for Naples public transport along with discounts and reductions in the main museums and attractions of Naples, but also in many restaurants, pizzerias and partner activities. 

The Naples Pass can be purchased before departure and activated once you arrive in Naples. Many tourists, in fact, buy it during the planning of their trip to Naples.