Naples benefits from its climate. Its nature, made of valleys that wedged in the mountains, allows the contamination by the sea, which bathes its shores and makes life pleasant during any period of the year.

And you? What are you waiting for? Come and visit Naples at any time of the year and come and enjoy its historical, cultural and above all natural beauties.

The foundation of Naples

Founded by the Greeks,  the city of Naples has always been of Mediterranean origins and has born as a large semicircular amphitheater overlooking the homonymous gulf, in front of its forever guardian, the Vesuvius, and to the sea that for centuries eroded the coasts.

The beauty of Naples

Naples is located in this basin for thousands of years, limited to the south by the beautiful Sorrento's peninsula, with the beauties of Amalfi and Sorrento and to the north by the historic villages that characterize the Campania countryside, up to Caserta and its beautiful palace, incredible beauties and inimitable that you can visit at any time of the year thanks to the climate of Naples.

The climate in Naples

Visiting Naples and its beauties is a pleasure during any period of the year. From summer to winter, the city has always had a very Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild winters and very hot summers, all mitigated by that sea breeze that rarely misses on the blue gulf of Naples, which fills the streets of the city in every moment.