Travelling without your pet can be a problem for many people, as well as a real regret. The good news? It is not necessary at all if you are heading to a so Pet Friendly city as Naples. 

What to do in Naples with a dog or a cat

Naples offers plenty of possibilities, not only to animal lovers that are visiting it, but also to its inhabitants. For example, the Neapolitan seafront and the public park of the Real Bosco di Capodimonte are the best choices for those who love running, to walk the dog and keep fit at the same time. In Naples you can also access with your puppy in the largest shopping malls, in some beaches, and in facilities with spa.

A new trend that has been spreading in Naples in recent years is the Aperidog: an event generally organized by a bar, which can be attended only if "accompanied" by a dog and in which, the latter will enjoy an Happy Hour based on canine delicacies.

If you love cats and miss your pets who couldn't follow you to Naples you should definitely visit the Gattò Bistrot, the first cat-friendly bistro in Campania. The cafe, very nice and cozy, is a feline oasis where you can relax and have a lunch or a dinner in the company of many sweet kittens.

Where to stay in Naples with pets

That Neapolitan people are famous for their warmth and friendliness, is now a fact. What is perhaps less known is that in the city of Partenope, even animals are considered welcome and received with open arms. In numerous rankings on the most pet friendly places in Italy, Naples is in fact among the firsts in number of accommodations that admit the presence of pets during the stay. Among more than 400 structures (hotels, B & B, hostels, campsites and much more), scattered in various areas of the city and suitable for all budgets, you only have to choose the one that best suits your case. 

Visiting Naples with your dog or cat

The city of Naples is ideal to be visited with 4 legs in tow. After walking through the streets of the center and exploring even its most hidden corners, you will be pleased to know that you can also visit some of the most magical places in the city in the company of your faithful friend. These include the Castel dell'Ovo, one of the most romantic symbols of Naples, and the archaeological site of Pompeii, famous throughout the world for its timeless charm. Equipped with a leash and comfortable shoes, it is also possible to make an excursion on the slopes of Vesuvius and visit the crater of the volcano with interesting guided tours.

Getting around Naples with a pet

Taking public transport in Naples is not a problem for those who own a dog. In fact, subways, buses and funiculars admit small and medium-sized dogs, provided they are on a leash and the owners have a muzzle.

To make your stay in Naples even more memorable, you can plan to move to Sorrento Coast or to the islands (Capri, Ischia and Procida). Even in this case you do not have to worry about anything: the city is equipped with railway lines, buses, ferries and hydrofoils that serve these areas and that also allow your pet friends to come with you on board.

Useful tips to travel with a pet

Here is a quick guide to everything you should never forget to bring with you when you are around Naples with your dog or cat:

  • Pooper scooper and bags: It is very important to respect the beauty of the city and preserve its hygiene. This simple gesture of civilization will prevent you from receiving fines ranging from € 25 to € 500 in case of failure to collect the dejections of your animals;
  • Muzzle and leash: As we have already seen, in some cases they are indispensable for travelling and for accessing museums, monuments and attractions of any kind;
  • Food and water: Which of course can also be bought on the spot. In the city you can often come across public fountains where you can quench your pet after long walks under the sun;
  • Health card: It could be useful for any eventuality. We hope that everything goes well during your stay in Naples, but in case of need, know that the Local Health Board of Naples is first in Italy and offers emergency services H24.

So if you are a true animal lover and can not stand the idea of ​​separating you from your furry friends even for a moment, Naples is the perfect destination for your next trip.