Posillipo between the sea, green and beyond

Posillipo is one of the most beautiful districts of Naples, this area represents all the beauty of the sea of the city and is fully immersed in the green.

From this area, higher than the rest of the city, it is possible to take magnificent photos of the views of the city, with truly unique atmospheres both during the day and at sunset or at night.

You can take long walks in the great Virgilian Park, all surrounded by greenery and where from every glimpse you can admire a different view of the city.

Here you can also have aperitifs at sunset or relax in the sun with a good book or some friends for a picnic.

Beaches of Naples: going to the sea in Posillipo

Without leaving the city of Naples you can find beaches with a blue sea and Posillipo is rich in beaches.
With the arrival of the spring and then summer it's possible to go to the Submerged Park of Gaiola, a submerged archaeological area between two islets and some archaeological finds like those of the Imperial Villa of Pausilypon. Here it is possible to do many aquatic activities.
There are also other magnificent beaches: the Rocce Verdi bay, a rocky beach with crystal clear waters. The beach of Marechiaro, that of Riva Fiorita, that of the Nuns or reach the Scoglione by boat.
There are many choices to go to sea on the beaches of Posillipo.

Street food, pizza and Neapolitan cuisine: eat in Posillipo

Did you go to the sea? Are you in Posillipo for a walk? At lunch or dinner it is always time to eat, impossible to resist the temptations of the city on holiday in Naples.
In Posillipo there is the Elettroforno, a historical local in the city, open from late morning to late night where you can satisfy every your wish: from the historic pizzas that have always accompanied the Neapolitan nightlife, to the dishes of the day or you can eat a good barbecued meat.
The restaurant is located in the heart of Posillipo in Piazzetta San Luigi and can be reached either by bus with the nearby stop or by car.

What to do in Posillipo in the evening

An evening in Posillipo can be romantic, relaxing and fun. In the area there are many typical restaurants, bars, ice-cream shop and many other activities. The area is full of breathtaking views if you are looking for a romantic glimpse to observe in good company or a bench where you can relax and admire the frenzy of the city from above.
Also ideal for walks in the Virgilian Park, open also in the evenings for aperitifs and events with the arrival of summer days.
Many people choose the 'balconies' of Posillipo to celebrate their birthdays, ideal to blow out the candles with the background of the sea of the city of Naples.

Naples is art, sea, culture but also food and entertainment. Let yourself be tempted and visit Naples!