Città della Scienza is an innovative cultural centre, the first interactive museum in Italy. A centre dedicated to science which, now after the period of closure caused by the pandemic, is starting up again. The exhibitions already present in the past have been renewed and other new installations are on the way. 

Current exhibitions at Città della Scienza: Corporea and Missione Antartide

At Città della Scienza there are now two permanent exhibitions, very different from each other, suitable to satisfy your desire for culture, or where you can bring your children to follow a form of active learning.

Each exhibition can be viewed through a guided tour. The exhibitions available so far are: Corporea dedicated to the human body and Mission Antarctica dedicated to the discovery of the continent of ice.

Corporea: a journey inside the human body in 100 exhibits, the first interactive exhibition in Europe with sensory experiences dedicated to the human body. Through fun games and virtual reality, you can discover science and technology in the field of biomedicine and disease prevention, with hands-on experiments. Over 5000 square metres of floor space.

At a time when taking care of ourselves and those around us is becoming a priority, we could find out more about healthy lifestyles and innovative research in the medical field.

A well-structured tour that will take you on a discovery of the human body, through a guided tour available in Italian, English and Chinese. With the competent guidance of experts and university researchers. An installation that combines past and present, in fact at Città della Scienza we will find both archaeological finds that will tell us about medicine in the past and useful objects and devices in the medical field printed in 3D, such as a neonatal incubator.

Mission Antarctica (Missione Antartide): An exhibition dedicated to the celebration of 35 years of the National Research Programme in Antarctica (PNRA), installations that will let you discover all the biodiversity of the frozen continent. Through the discoveries of the Programme. The guided tour will tell the story of the geography at the beginning, from its formation to its evolution. The exhibition will also include a reproduction of a polar remote camp, an installation that will help you to understand the life led by the participants in the polar expedition.
The five thematic areas will be: biodiversity of the continent, paleoclimate and its evolution, global change, geology and space. Through both animal and natural biology exhibits. At the end of the exhibition there will also be an area dedicated to the shots of some famous photographers taken directly on the Antarctic continent.

All visits will be carried out in safety, and at weekends there will be dedicated animations, scientific demonstrations and workshops.

Exhibitions and events coming to the City of Science

The summer at the City of Science has already begun, but the news comes even after the summer break. In fact, two events will take place: the 'Tre giorni per la scuola (three days for the school)' dedicated to orientation and learning, and Futuro remoto dedicated to the evolution of science and scientific methods over time. Both events will take place in November, calendar to be announced.

In addition to the two returns mentioned above, there will be two new exhibitions. One dedicated to the development of the smart home, explaining all the accessories, their communication with artificial intelligence and their sustainability. And another dedicated to Covid, the pandemic that has unfortunately struck our planet.

How to enter the City of Science: tickets and costs

Città della Scienza is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. Entrance is by reservation only.

Visits last two hours and are available at the following times: 10-12, 12-14 and 12-16. Tickets can be purchased online or by sending an email. For groups, it is advisable to send an email to the venue. During the visit, the rules and safety protocols of the current Ministry of Health regulations must be followed.

The cost of the ticket is 5 euros plus 50 cents for pre-sale.