Naples is a city truly rich in history and culture, as well as strongly attached to its traditions. These are truly the most varied possible, including food, art and ancient customs. The vintage markets in Naples are precisely part of these solid and true traditions. Disentangling vintage clothes or simply clothes from a few 'seasons ago', antique furniture and objects with a retro flavour: very often, surprisingly, the real beauty is to be found there. 

We therefore try to guide you by meticulously choosing those that are the best markets where to get lost in search of the unknown and the curiosity. In detail, we have chosen 10 vintage markets to visit in Naples and its province, thus also considering the possibility of straying a little from the centre. All that remains is to set out to discover and be fascinated. 

The vintage markets in Naples: a neapolitan tradition


Vintage markets in Naples play an indispensable role in the city's roots and culture. In fact, it is possible to find at least one 'small' market in so many neighbourhoods that it is harder to choose than to find it. Markets are a place of commerce and buying and selling, but also a place of contact, of the warmth that characterises the Neapolitans. Each object carries with it a history and tradition of its own, so the seller himself tries to preserve all his experience and memory. 

The Resina Market is perhaps the most famous and best-loved market in Naples, the one with the strongest tradition. We are located precisely in Ercolano, in the province of Naples. Of course, the Resina market is not the only noteworthy market. Other symbols are certainly the Poggioreale Market, the Montesanto Flea Market and the Antignano Market, and many others. In short, there is plenty of choice for visitors dying of curiosity to dive into vintage and second-hand shopping in Neapolitan style. 

10. The Vintage Market of Poggioreale


The first market we are going to present is perhaps already one of the big items on the list, one of the absolute symbols of Neapolitan vintage. We are talking about the Poggioreale Market, located on the eastern outskirts of Naples. It is one of the largest markets in the city, known primarily for the sale of clothing and accessories, and not only. In fact, there are also numerous outlets for home care, clothing and furniture. 

At the Poggioreale Market, the palm of the most popular destination for visitors who flock to the market belongs to the vintage clothing stalls. The selection of designer clothes mixed with the always very affordable prices makes this area of the market always very desirable. In general, due to the always lively atmosphere from Monday to Saturday, we recommend experiencing the market in its entirety. Truly every stall and every little place can hold a surprise around the corner ready to amaze you. 

9. Fuorigrotta Market


We move to the western residential side of Naples, landing precisely in the middle of the Flegrea area in the Fuorigrotta district. In Via Metastasio we find the main entrance to a very large market that also gathers citizens from the neighbouring districts. In fact, it is an easily accessible point even by public transport, given its close proximity to buses, the underground (L2) and the Cumana (circumflegrea). Of course, logistical reasons are not the only ones driving the Fuorigrotta market.

Due to its large size, you can find anything and everything at the Fuorigrotta market. In particular, the most skilful are able to sniff out great bargains by finding hidden designer items for very little money. Clothes and more, ranging from home furnishings to various objects, all the way to street food and focaccia to be enjoyed. In short, here from Monday to Saturday there is a veritable microcosm to be experienced. 

8. The Posillipo Market


Let us now take a leap towards a market that goes beyond what we are used to, beyond what we would expect. We are in fact about to talk about the Posillipo market, which is organised every Thursday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside the Virgiliano Park in Viale Virgilio. It is a 'trendy' local market, in line with the context that embraces it, given that we are in one of the chicest neighbourhoods in the whole of Naples. 

The advice we give is to hurry with your visit to the Posillipo market by going in the early hours of its opening, to avoid chaos and crowds in the late morning. The focus should absolutely be on handbags and designer clothes that are offered at affordable prices. As mentioned, hurry up as everything sells out quickly. For flower lovers, there are numerous stalls to be discovered. 

7. The Antiques Market in the Villa Comunale


We continue our march through the best vintage markets in Naples, wandering through the city's many neighbourhoods. This time our destination is the famous Villa Comunale, a historic green space located in Mergellina. Here, every third and fourth weekend of the month, the traditional Mercatino dell'Antiquariato (Antiques Market) takes place, an unmissable appointment for enthusiasts and the curious. 

The antiques market is a real flea market, a must for collectors. In addition to antique furniture, you can also find posters, postcards and dated prints. In addition, during the Christmas period, the market becomes a fixed appointment every morning until Christmas Eve. It can safely be called the largest antiques market in the city centre.

6. The Antignano Market


Let us now discover another neapolitan vintage market along the lines of the one presented a few lines above with the Mercato di Posillipo. So let's talk about another place surrounded by the 'trendy' and the 'glamorous', however much the district in which the market is celebrated acquires rusticity and absolute veracity. The subject in question is the Antignano Market, located in the street of the same name in the heart of the Vomero district, a few metres from Piazza degli Artisti. 

The Antignano Market is held from Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is an authentic tradition for any self-respecting Vomerese. Tradition has it that people come here mainly to buy old lace, the market's authentic pride and joy. In addition to these, there are of course several designer items below cost, but don't expect sensational bargains this time around. 

5. Port'Alba Market


Let us now move on to the heart of Naples to discover a place that oozes culture and history (and stories) in every millimetre of its streets. We are talking about Port'Alba, the famous Neapolitan corner of books and literature. Here, it is possible to discover vintage in a different way, namely by immersing oneself in antique books and vintage prints of a very rare and hard-to-find nature.

The experience at Port'Alba is a treat for all art and culture enthusiasts. In fact, in addition to first editions of great literary classics, it is also possible to admire historical and unobtainable prints and lithographs. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the historic centre, getting lost among the piles of books in Port'Alba is a must on a trip to Naples. You cannot say you have visited or know it without having been there, that's for sure.  

4. San Gregorio Armeno Markets


If we talk about markets and vintage in Naples, we absolutely cannot fail to mention the markets of San Gregorio Armeno, the historic street of nativity scenes. The Christmas season comes once a year, but the magic and charm of this area of the Neapolitan centre lives and breathes 365 days a year. In fact, it is possible to admire all the handicrafts present by walking along the street truly every day and at all hours of the day.

Nativity art never stops, it is always on the move and lives from season to season. Vintage here is all about manufacturing, elevating and highlighting Neapolitan craftsmanship. Shops where you can buy historical nativity figurines are always available and always numerous. We would also like to remind you that the peculiarity of these little shops lies in the 'special' statuettes, with many 'VIPs' sneaking into the religious pictures.

3. The Forcella Market


We remain in the heart of the city, in the midst of the folklore and soul of Naples, diving this time into the Forcella district. Here, every morning from about 8 a.m. to 12 noon, and every day, the district's local market meets, a real meeting place for the locals. The start of the market is in Via Mancini, and we are really close to key areas of the city such as Corso Umberto and Piazza Garibaldi near the Central Station. 

The Mercatino di Forcella is one of the main venues for low-cost and vintage shopping in the city centre. Along these streets you can really find a variety of stalls ready to help incoming visitors. The prices are really excellent and therefore affordable for everyone. In fact, it is possible to find shoes, clothes and accessories for as little as 10 euro. In short, the Forcella market is the bargain market not to be missed, so all the more reason to discover it. 

2. The Vergini village: the Sanità Market


We remain very close to Forcella but move to the Rione Sanità, about a 10-minute walk from where we were just now. Here the historic Borgo dei Vergini, a popular suburb north of Piazza Cavour accessible from Via Foria, is well known. In this beating heart of Naples, full of life and soul, the Mercatino dei Vergini is organised, an authentic meeting point for the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and beyond. But let's find out why this market is unique.

The uniqueness of this corner of Naples is that 'commerce' never sleeps. The Mercatino dei Vergini is open every day and always from early in the morning until the evening, with traders self-managing the hours between opening and closing. Here you can find really anything and everything at 'low cost' prices: saving is the absolute dogma. You can start from as little as EUR 5 for the simplest products, from slippers to household goods, via clothes and shoes. In short, it is a classic neighbourhood market, but perhaps the one where most of all you can breathe the Neapolitan spirit in all its essence. 

1. The Resina Vintage Market


We close with the most important vintage market in Naples: the Resina Market. Let us leave the centre a little, moving towards the province, to Via Pugliano in Ercolano to be precise. Here we find paradise for all vintage lovers and for all those who belong to this precise target group. This is probably the most important market of its kind in the whole of southern Italy, that's a tradition that keeps going forward since the second world war.

The Resina Market is a paradise for vintage clothing lovers and one can find practically anything there: from furs to Chanel, Prada and Versace dresses, from famous jeans from the 1970s to more modern shoes. In addition to sellers of what used to be called 'pezze' (rags) and are now sought-after items of clothing, you can find fake and real jewellery, vintage costume jewellery and cheap new goods. In short, Resina is an experience to be lived and discovered, whether you like vintage or not!