Tourism in Naples and Campania is in rebirth. To tell us this are the booking data of Trenitalia. The well-known railway company has recorded a real boom in bookings to Naples and all the seaside areas of Campania for the month of August, a positive sign that the city needed after the lock-down period that had inevitably stopped the positive flow that the city has enjoyed for years.

One of the factors behind this great demand can certainly be the opening of the beaches of Naples, which have been cheering up the days of citizens and tourists for several days now, allowing them to enjoy the sea and the sun even if, of course, in compliance with the rules for social distancing. To learn more I refer you to the article that you can reach by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

But you won't have to wait until August to see the signs of this rebirth. According to the mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris, there is already an increase in the number of visits that can give hope to tourism operators, craftsmen and shopkeepers and therefore what we will see in late summer will be the culmination of a rebirth that begins now.

The tourism sector is fundamental for the city of Naples, which had seen a significant increase in visitors over the years to become one of the most popular destinations in Italy. To feed and also to enjoy the fruits of this expanding market there is a whole network of hotels, restaurants, craftsmen but also digital media operators that have helped to consolidate the brand of Naples in the eyes of a national and international audience.

Even Cardinal Sepe, in fact, aware of the importance of this rebirth, has spent words of support addressed to the participants of this network, in an open letter inviting them to hold on to this problem and at the same time urging the institutions not to leave alone entrepreneurs and traders who live in this sector and want to leave as soon as possible for their own good and that of the city of Naples.