Now in its fourth edition, the Pietrarsa Christmas Markets are a pleasant certainty of the Neapolitan Christmas season. The event started last December 3rd and will end in the first days of January, specifically Sunday, January 8th, and has as its main theme magic in all its forms and expressions. All this, again with the Pietrarsa National Railway Museum as a fascinating backdrop.

Christmas for adults: exhibitions and entertainment

There is truly room for everyone during this wonderful holiday season. The markets make no age distinction; they are a guaranteed spectacle for both adults and children. Starting with the older ones, the main attraction is the little wooden houses through which artisans, merchants, entrepreneurs and associations display their products. Each booth aims to present to the public its own specialties with a clear Christmas flavor.
Not only that, of course there are also areas dedicated to food available, with primarily numerous regional products, but also numerous concerts and traveling shows, including the ever-present Gospel Choir.

So much magic for the children

The real stars of this open-air spectacle, however, are the children, for whom there are ad hoc programs with play and educational activities dedicated to them. As mentioned, the main theme this year is magic, so a lot of attention should be given to Experience Pietrarsa 9 and 3/4. This is a completely indoor area where you can play with potions and magical experiments. Don't miss the School of Magic, as well as the Treasure Hunt "on the trail of fantastic animals." Finally, we recall the unfailing ritual of visiting the "Postal Wagon" to write and send letters and visits to Santa's house and the presentation of the locomotives that pulled the Polar Express

Once again this year the Pietrarsa Markets are proving to be a magical opportunity to spend time with loved ones in the Christmas spirit. In fact, it should not be forgotten that in addition to the markets there is of course also the Railway Museum with its many halls and exhibitions and its terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples. There is little to add in short, never as in this period the entertainment in Pietrarsa is more than assured!