Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and the festival of love, which is eagerly awaited by lovers every year, is just a few days away. A centuries-old tradition that, in the name of passion, will hopefully never come to an end, given the halo of magic that it brings with it every time every 14th February.

So strong is the desire to amaze and make one's partner feel special and loved, that every year one tries to surpass oneself in order to make this day unforgettable. It is therefore appropriate to focus on the best ways to do this, with the eternal charm of Naples as an enchanting backdrop.  

Admiring the Bay of Naples as a couple

Spending Valentine's Day in Naples without enjoying at least a breath of sea breeze, even if only from a distance with your eyes, is definitely a reckless act not to be tried. Given its natural gift for improving the mood and transmitting serenity, the Bay of Naples should be experienced as much as possible, even more so on the day of romance par excellence.  The most natural way is along the seafront in Via Caracciolo, which is easily reached either by public transport or by car. The area is one of the most romantic in the entire city, since it allows you to experience first-hand such wonders as Vesuvius, the island of Capri and Posillipo, all in a few glances, in a few moments that can be infinite. From there you continue on towards Castel dell'Ovo, climbing to the top, having the most efficient overview possible. Once back down, we plunge into the Borgo Marinari, a place that preserves a myth full of love. In fact, it was born on the islet of Megaride, where the body of the siren Partenope is said to have been buried, who let herself die in the waters after being rejected by Ulysses. It was Megaride that gave life to the entire city, a true daughter of the sea.

Stopping at tredici discese (13 descents): enjoying Naples from above at night

A few kilometres further on, we have the Belvedere di Sant'Antonio in Posillipo, known by the vast majority of Neapolitans as 'Le 13 descentes' (The 13 descents). The nickname comes from the famous 13 descents through which the place is reached. Once past the ramps, you find yourself teleported to a corner of paradise that never ends; there is enchantment at dawn, curiosity during the day, anticipation at sunset and attentive silence when it is night and the moon is high in the sky. The whole Bay of Naples is within reach from here, seen from above but never far away. A pretty love postcard where kisses and caresses can be kept forever.

San Martino and Sant'Elmo Castle a romantic historic place for couples

Combining the sacred and the profane, the Belvedere di San Martino stands at the Vomero, which is at ease alongside the Charterhouse of the same name, rich in history and tradition since the 14th century. Outside the place of worship we find one of the most spectacular views of the entire city, overlooking the clear and dense Neapolitan sea, Vesuvius, but also Spaccanapoli, which literally cuts the city in two. The wisest way to experience San Martino and its connections is definitely the Pedamentina, a system of descents linking the Certosa and Castel Sant'Elmo with the historic centre, which is located downstream. In this way, you can enjoy not only the immense panorama, but also the Charterhouse's vegetable plots and gardens. A complete and integral experience to live with your partner, isolating yourself from the rest, turning off any negative thoughts or worries.
If you do not remember what love ever made you commit the slightest folly, then you have not loved.
William Shakespeare

A day to love: the municipality's initiatives

The real novelty this year is that the City of Naples has also been carried away by the magic of love and has organised a series of events scheduled for 14th February to pay homage to Valentine's Day in ten different areas of the city. All this will be done through guided tours, always taking into account the current health regulations. In short, love each other, hold each other, but always with care.

For example, without mentioning the aforementioned Castel dell'Ovo and the entire area between Chiaia and Mergellina, we can dwell on the area of the IV Municipality, which for the occasion will feature "Loves in the heart of Naples". Along Via Tribunali, in the heart of the city, ideal, legendary and passionate loves will be discovered, amid literature, art and distant traditions. Above all, the stories of Boccaccio and Fiammetta and Dante and Beatrice, but also Donna Regina and Donna Romita, not to forget the tormented love of Eleonora Pimentel Fonseca. Love in all its forms, as it should be analysed in order to be known and loved for real. To know love in order to love love

Being in love and showing it to your other half in Naples is easier than elsewhere, given the multitude of places teeming with love and enchantment. A city that is the essence of poetry itself, and as such should be a precious incentive to remember to love always, not just on 14 February.