The eggplant: the history of a new food in Italy

Mediterranean cuisine and all Italian cuisine is famous all over the world, its evolution during the years and its integration with new ingredients during the centuries are unique.
A very common food such as eggplant arrived very late in Italy, this vegetable arrived in Italy with the invasion of the Arabs in the fifteenth century.
The first literary discovery on eggplant comes from the city of Naples, a recipe in a book that is most similar to today's recipe of eggplant parmigiana. The text dates back to 1839 and is written by Ippolito Cavalcanti, the title is ''Cusina casarinola co la lengua napolitana''.
We quote the words of this text: "And you will fry the eggplant and then arrange them in a layer-in-layer pan with the cheese, basil and stewed broth or with tomato sauce and covered will make you stew". Eggplant parmigiana is in the history of this city.

Naples is the city of the street food... and also the slowfood: the 'recipe' of aubergine parmigiana

Naples is one of the most important cities for streetfood in Italy but also for slow-food, the city is full of trattorias and small restaurants in every corner. The eggplant parmigiana is definitely a slowfood, the Neapolitan recipe is definitely something to try on your trip to Naples.
You will find the eggplant parmigiana integrated in many recipes: on pizza, in sandwiches and in traditional cuisine. A very tasty dish but not light, after you'll eat parmigiana... you will need a walk for burn the calories of parmigiana.
Eggplant, parmesan, tomato, fior di latte (a type of cheese), basil... straight in the oven and you'll fall in love with this Neapolitan recipe.

Eat a Neapolitan eggplant parmigiana in the center of Naples

Naples is full of temptation in every street and every alley, the smell of delicious food is incorporated in all streets of the city. A trip to the Naples can become a big food tour but you arrive in the city with a precise mission: eat a perfect eggplant parmigiana.
We can advise you, a few steps from Piazza Carità (one of the most famous squares in the city), you will find the Pizzeria and trattoria al 22, an historic restaurant in the center of Naples where you can eat inside and outside.
Try the typical Neapolitan ingredients and historical recipes, the history of Naples cuisine contained in an restaurant.