The San Martino belvedere: an open-air balcony overlooking the city

In Naples you can take the funicular from the center and get to the upper town, where,  after a few steps, there is a viewpoint overlooking the whole city, where you can observe and scrutinize it in all its explosion of colors and liveliness. From the city that lies under Vesuvius to the one that bathes in the blue sea of ​​the gulf. The belvedere of San Martino takes your breath away.

You looks it like a photograph, it's beautiful at any time of the day, from the first light of sunrise, passing through the sunset, up to the lights of the city in the evening.

You can see every corner of Naples, from all its alleys to historical places such as the mammoth Santa Chiara or the Duomo, but also that huge cut that is Spaccanapoli in its entirety, which cuts the ancient city and at the same time that combines it ideally, you see it where it is born and where it vanishes.

The viewpoint of San Martino is also surrounded by two historical pieces of the city: in fact we are close to the homonymous Certosa di San Martino and Castel Sant'Elmo, one of the oldest strongholds in Europe.

The beauty of Naples grows from day to day, from week to week, as it discovers its secrets. Until one comes to understand that truly this is the most beautiful gulf of the earth. And it's a toned beauty. The happiness of living grows, the needs decrease.
Guido Piovene

Taste traditional Neapolitan cuisine from the terrace of San Martino

The ideal would be a lunch or dinner with this view.

Exactly here, close by the terrace of San Martino, there is the restaurant and lounge bar, Renzo e Lucia. A location that in latest years is combining the taste of the culinary tradition of the Neapolitan people with innovation and taste of new trends. If you wish ro delight your palate and your eyes, we obviuosly recommend the restaurant Renzo e Lucia, where you will enjoy a Neapolitan tradition revisited in a modern way in front of the most beautiful city in the world.