Naples Pizza Village: the best pizzeria of the eighth edition

The Napoli Pizza Village start is very near, just under a month to the inaugural evening. The1th of June will open the village, a very special event for Neapolitans and tourists. Starting from the magic taste of pizza to discover thanks to the Neapolitan pizza makers, everything is ready for an event on stage every evening will be present great singer who have participating in big events like the Sanremo festival.

But the event is as if it were already started with the enthusiasm caused after the revelation of the 50 pizzerias that 'turn on their oven' on the waterfront of Naples. Another big surprise, there is a prize to be won: the best pizzeria of the Naples Pizza Village 2018 edition.

Vote for your favorite pizzeria in the Naples Pizza Village

How do you choose the best pizzeria in the city? A limited jury isn't sufficient for important decision like this, the art of Neapolitan pizza is a Unesco Heritage, it's a unique and precious but common food, the pizza is of everyone so it's right that every pizza lover can vote his pizza master and his favorite pizza.

How does the contest work? Visit Naples in partnership with the organization of the Naples Pizza Village decide to starte a contest, that will end next June 10, the day of the end of this event, this contest will not be a simple poll on social network: the winner will be awarded on stage before the magnificence of the seafront with the best pizza in hand.

How to vote? After clicking on the links below, just click on the appropriate button next to your favorite pizzeria, both from PC and smartphone, making sure that the option has been selected. The two rounds will result in a single overall ranking of the most voted pizzerias.

Note: The pizzerias have been divided into two groups for convenience but the ranking is unique.

While we can tell you there is a very close fight we see at the top the pizzeria 'Lo Sgonfiotto' with 'La nuova Italia' and 'Vesuvio to chase, three excellent pizzerias ready to challenge and still waiting for your vote to overturn the prediction. On the other hand, the pizzeria 'Porzio' makes a fierce fight but the surprise is so probably, great as 'Vincenzo Capuano', 'Gino and Toto Sorbillo' and 'Palazzo Petrucci'.

Your favorite pizza master is not yet at the top of the competion... Tag your friends in comments or share the post on your Facebook profile. And why not... You can tell us, below in the comments to the post, why you prefer it, 'a declaration of love' to pizza. There is still a lot of time left and the winner isn't decided yet. A beautiful battle to be awarded under the moon on June 10, in an evening to enjoy and taste.

NEWS: Thanks to the new online booking method, you can already order a menu and skip the line at the ticket offices on the days of the event. Find out how by clicking here.