There are so many things to see and visit in Naples: churches, museums, squares, parks… But it’s very impossible don’t go shopping around the streets of the city center, and beyond. The city is full of streets that present a lot of local shops and world-class brands, without forgetting crafts and markets, in the Christmas season these little markets become really magical and one of the main attractions for season tourism.

Corso Umberto: clothes and shoes shopping in Naples

One of the main streets in the city of Naples, leaving the central station and ending in Piazza Bovio, at the beginning of the square we find the station where all metro lines starts, while at the end we find the Università station, a street well connected to the rest of city. Here you can find plenty of local merchant shops, all focused on shopping in the clothing world, from clothing to shoes for every type of style and cost variability. You can find a little markets, open in the morning, also in the street which connect Piazza Bovio to Via Toledo, at the end of this street.Very near to the historical center.

Naples historic center: antiques and handicrafts shopping

Here we find the fantastic San Gregorio Armeno’s market, just move a bit from the aforementioned Umberto course to find a magical world where you can find craft shops, unique in their kind. The famous little statues of presepe, the main characters of the Neapolitan Christmas tradition, you can buy this statues in every day of the year, not just in the Christmas period. You can find also magnificent home objects that you don’t find in other cities or handmade souvenirs that will allow you to bring some of Naples with you at the end of your trip. Numerous shops, but many stalls that make Decumani (The streets of the historic center that intersect are called in this way) a place full of history, also for the shopping’s world. A very special shopping street is Port’Alba, near Dante Square, leaving the historical centere, a street based on the books and artistical shopping.

Via Toledo: the main shopping street of Naples

Arriving from Spaccanapoli can be easily reached this way, which is perhaps the most popular shopping street in Naples. Or you can reach this place with metro line and get off at the magnificent Toledo stop, one of most beatiful metro station of the world. A complete way of shopping with the presence of both local merchants and world-renowned shops, forming the small local shopkeeper at big store with multiple floors. A very long road that allows you to take a stroll, a route that starts from Piazza Dante and ends at Piazza Trieste and Trento, always full of people walking and enjoying the view without cars in the middle of the street. Opposite at the end and at the beginning of the square we find two metro stops, from the one of Dante which takes its name from the square of the same name, while two steps from Piazza Trieste and Trento there is the stop of Town Hall.

Vomero Area

Few more metro stops and you will come to the hilly part of the city, an area rich in shops, many streets that intersect by connecting small shops to very famous brand stores. One of the main shopping street in this area is Via Scarlatti, which leaves from the Vanvitelli metro stop and reaches via Luca Giordano, another street where you can find everything you need. Great trips at any time of day but really special at aperitif time (start at 5pm). Starting from the metro the route can be really enjoyable, as this route from that point is all downhill. Not to far from Vomero center there is also the Antignano market, close to the central streets of the district, rich in both food and handmade products. Really special during the Christmas season with its stalls, rich in gift ideas and souvenirs connected both to the city of Naples and to the holiday season.

Chiaia district: luxury and high end shopping in Naples

This area starts at the end of Via Roma, connected via Piazza Trieste and Trento, the most famous part is via Chiaia. The first street in this area, full of shops, where you can find luxurious brands and elegant clothing stores. Going all the way to the end we will find on the right side via dei Mille, while in front, a few meters later, we find via Calabritto, these two streets are the main places of luxury shopping of the streets of Naples. Here are many brands of the world’s leading fashion designers. Via dei Mille is very long and lets explore the Chiaia area, while via Calabritto is a small street that connects this zone to the seaside across the Chiaia Riviera.

Resina market: vintage shopping and best bargains in Naples

Exiting the city, precisely in Ercolano near via Pugliano, we find this very characteristic market. Vintage lovers can’t miss this stop, it’s one of the historic markets in the city of Naples. You can also find used clothes of great brands, that is really very curious. The market is open from 8am to 1pm every day.

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