A day-long sensory journey

Amazing cliffs, crystal clear sea, lemon perfume. A tour of the Amalfi Coast is not  simple tourism but a real sensational journey to discover overwhelming places and flavors.

It surprises and excites every visitor and for this reason I propose to anyone who is passing by, one day trip, through extraordinary places, to experience the  ecstasy that mix eyesight and smells to  delight your palate.

Starting in the morning, returning in the evening

If you are visiting Salerno and you only have one day available, I suggest you to experience this unique and unrepeatable experience. Through breathtaking landscapes and traditional foods, you will discover one of the most scenic scenery in the world, where cuisine and territory are indissolubly linked.

How to get around the Amalfi Coast

Land or sea?

There is only to choose how to explore these 42 kilometers rich in views to immortalize and artistic treasures to discover (starting from the sea) if you enjoy the beautiful views of the beaches, drifting fjords such as Furore, lemon trees cultivated on the terraces, then stop in one of the restaurants built in rock or starting from the land, facing very narrow curves, though they allow you to see the villages and perhaps make a  in the most perched city  like Ravello, to visit  its famous villas with a marvelous view on the sea.

Getting around by car

Starting from Salerno, the ideal is the state road 163, bumpy but incredibly scenic road. After Vietri and its beautiful majolica, we meet our first stop.


A small and picturesque seaside village where you can enjoy 4 delicious delicacies:

  • Tuna, caught in the sea and kept under oil and in the glass to maintain intact flavor and nutritional value.
  • The traditional Colatura di alici. Fishing the anchovies in the spring, these fish are cleaned, washed, salted and pressed. The liquid produced by fermentation is filtered, exposed to the sun and finally bottled. Trying a spaghetti with colatura di alici is a moral obligation.
  • If you prefer traditional flavours, then I recommend the most classic Scialatielli alla Scoglio, short and irregular spaghetti, sublime with fish sauce.
  • Are we in a hurry to continue the tour? No problem, then we choose street food: il Cuoppo, a freshly fried parrot fish served in a paper cone.


Going further, we are in the small town of Minori where it is worth stopping in pastry shop and let yourself be tempted by the two typical cakes:

  • Delizia al limone, maked with lemon i.g.p. Amalfi Coast.
  • Ricotta and pear, a cake recently invented in Minori.


Alternatively we can wait to arrive in the mythological Amalfi, historic Maritime Republic, where we ca taste gelato or the traditional Pasticciotto, pastry with cream and candied blackberry.


For dinner, a nice choice is to go to Pogerola, close to Amalfi, to enjoy a rare delicacy:

  • Ndunderi. Considered by UNESCO one of the oldest pasta in the world. The original recipes date back to Roman times when they were made with rennet and spelt flour, but today cooks prefer to mix with fresh ricotta and season them with a simple fresh tomato sauce, Scarpariello. Here you can also enjoy authentic  zero kilometer restaurants . Lamb, muscle, sausages, chicken, rabbit, are bought from trusted butchers and fro the farmers of Pogerola, the fresh, very fresh fish comes from Amalfi.


In Tramonti, between sea and mountains, where animals graze almost free, you absolutely must buy:

  • Ricotta, fresh and soft as a cream, made from milk from the Lattari Mountain cows.
  • The famous Provolone del Monaco in Agerola, perfect for preparing the typical pasta with zucchini of Nerano.
  • As a souvenir, I suggest you buy a lot of Gragnano pasta packs and Lemons of Amalfitan Coast. From the maceration of their peels in alcohol you can get the famous Limoncello liquor, once tasted, you cannot drink that this one.

Conca dei Marini

Returning to the sea, we arrive to Conca dei Marini, house of the sfogliatella riccia: the Sisters of convent Santa Rosa invented it about 400 years ago.


In Positano, ending our tour, we have to enjoy the caprese, not tomato and mozzarella, but the cake, a delicious delicacy of almonds and dark chocolate made without flour or yeast, light and tasty at the right point.

To go back, follow the arrows heading towards Naples, then take the A3 motorway in Castellamare.

What are you waiting for? It is time to wake up the senses and live a day in the Amalfi Coast, I guarantee you that your life will not be the same!