Cuoppo or not cuoppo, there is no try might say Yoda in an imaginary Star Wars set in Naples.

The body shape tour helps you to fat burn calories of a cuoppo, so don't care about the belly fat. Therefore, you could say to know Naples after eating a cuoppo fritto.
If you have read the article about the fried pizza, you already know that the body shape tour is a path dedicate to those like you who love the good food without regreting a perfect body shape.

Here's are the cuoppo's body shape tour benefits: 

  • you can enjoy this street food and at the same time walking through Naples;
  •  walking is one of the best activities to fat burn calories;
  • with a body shape tour you can relax your mind just walking.

Passione di Sofì is the best place to eat a cuoppo. For 5 euro you can choose between: a tasty mix of fish, a yummy mix of fried snacks or a mix of fish and fried snacks.

Probably, at each bite, it seems to you to back in time and see the fry cooks putting the cuoppo in the straw baskets that go up and down by the balconies in an ancient vicolo, some scugnizzo running and playing while his mother offers to him a little fried fish. Then, you’ll fall in love with the colorful, tasty and mysterious city of Naples.

Even you, with no belly fat and with perfect legs and glutes, must taste a cuoppo because Naples is full of alternative paths that help you to impress the food just in your memory (and on your new #foodporn post) and not on the weighing.

Another reason to taste a cuoppo? It’s the perfect street food to take a selfie because you can keep it in one hand.

In addition, here’s the necessary equipment for the cuoppo’s bodyshape tour:

  1. comfortable shoes;
  2. a bottle of water ;
  3. high protection sunscreen and sunglusses;
  4. an hat;
  5. wet wipes;
  6. a pedometer.

Now, is the moment to discover the cuoppo's body shape tour stages!

Via Toledo -  Piazza del Plebiscito

Begin from via Toledo. At the number 206, there is la Passione di Sofì to enjoy the cuoppo of your dreams. Panzarotto by panzarotto, zeppola by zeppola, fried fish after fried fish, walking trough this street it seems to you to go back in time again.

All at once, you discover that on the right there is Palazzo Barbaja, which name was inspirated by the theatrical entrepeneur Domenico Barbaja and today it is famous thanks to Gioacchino Rossini, that composed the Otello opera during a stay in this building.

Continue walking through via Toledo munching your lovely fried snack and look up to admire Palazzo Berio,  famous thanks this historical figures:

  • Giacomo Leopardi and Antonio Ranieri were hosts in 1833;
  • the tailor Domenico Farjasse;
  • the Hairdresser Monsieur Raison.

Keep going to Piazza Trieste e Trento and go straight to Piazza del Plebiscito to see:

  • the Royal Palace;
  • the Church of San Francesco di Paola.

Via Santa Lucia – Castel dell’ Ovo

The second stage starts from Piazza del Plebiscito.  Keep going to via Cesario Console, than turn right in Via Santa Lucia.

What about this street? Matilde Serao described via Santa Lucia as colorful street owned by sailors and fisherman; indeed, their wives cooked peppers and octopus and were peddler of sulphrous water.

Keep going and go straight until you’ll se Castel dell’Ovo, the most ancient castel of the city. You know that stairs are useful to fat burn calories and are perfect to tone up legs and glutes; so, have fun with the gently upward path of the Castle and keep going until you reach the top to enjoy the landscape.

Via Chiatamone – Via Bausan

Head back, descend the path and leave Castel dell’Ovo. Turn left and keep going in via Partenope. Take the stairs opposite of you and you will find in Chiatamone Street. Go straight to via Domenico Morelli until you reach Piazza dei Martiri.

Go across the square and turn on Via Carlo Poerio and get on Piazza San Pasquale. Keep going walking through Chiaia Riviera, go straight and turn right at via Bausan. You can continue your walking in Piazza San Pasquale, but via Bausan has a very nice stairway, perfect for your daily keep fit exercise schedule.

Via Vittoria Colonna – Piazza San Pasquale

Climb the stairway and turn on Via Vittoria Colonna. On the right there is the singular Santa Teresa Chruch. Further on there is the PAN, a contemporary art museum, sometimes free and with a lot of stairs.

Visit the museum or keep going to Piazza San Pasquale where you find benches to do some stretching and to restore and scheduling the next activieties to do in Naples to discover some mysterious path suchs as Cimitero delle fontanelle.

In conclusion, here’s a list about three things to remember if you are interested in the cuoppo’s bodyshape tour:

  1. combinate slow steps and quick steps;
  2. if you can, if you want, while your’re walking tighten up your abs and glutes;

Yoda might say: fat burn calories or not fat burn calories. There is no try.