What to do on Easter Monday in Campania

The saying goes 'Christmas with your folks and Easter with whoever you want'. On Easter and Easter Monday, usually preceded by a long bridge, you can organise yourself with your relatives, but not only. The best thing is to prepare a trip out of town with friends, maybe a barbecue in the countryside, a romantic weekend with your partner, a lunch in a farmhouse. There are so many alternatives! In times of Covid-19, it is not possible to spend time in the company of loved ones or friends. This forces us to spend time at home, with the family perhaps, enjoying family affections but thinking about the future. In fact, the most adventurous minds are already thinking about the next trip, the next excursion, the next experience. Those who love to travel and visit cannot help but think about what to do as soon as it is possible to move around freely.

That is why a travel guide is not only up-to-date but lasts forever. Travel tips are a testimony to be passed on. Lived experiences to be shared. When time permits, we will return to spend Christmas with our family and Easter with whomever we wish. This is where our advice on what to do at Easter and Easter Monday comes from, but not only. Experiences, tours and trips that you can take at any time, from spring to winter. A few tips to jot down in your personal diary for next year. 

The Path of the Gods: a long walk for trekking lovers

Lovers of trekking will love the Sentiero degli Dei. The Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) has now become internationally known and is one of the most popular and visited itineraries and destinations in Campania. A marvellous route to be covered entirely on foot overlooking the Amalfi Coast, immersed in the Mediterranean maquis: exciting! During the route, the three islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri will be visible to the eye. The excursion starts in Agerola and ends in Positano, covering the entire itinerary, with a visit to the village of Nocelle. Once in Positano, it is essential to drink a delicious lemonade, a local speciality, in order to recover energy and hydrate. It must be said that those arriving from afar will have no problem parking their car at the car park located in Bomerano.

The walk takes about 4 hours and is 8 km long in total. It is not a complicated route and is suitable for everyone, obviously it is necessary to have comfortable clothing, technical clothing if possible, and sneakers or hiking boots. 

The Lemon Path: a walk from Maiori

The Sentiero dei Limoni (Lemon Path), like the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods), is yet another path for adventure and excitement. Direction Minori, starting from Maiori, then from east to west. It is not a long path but it is not a very fast one either, as it climbs uphill with a high difference in height and very steep descents. Obviously it cannot be compared to the Sentiero degli Dei (Path of the Gods) in terms of effort and walking intensity. The Sentiero dei Limoni (Lemon Path) takes this name because it crosses the most suitable area for the lemon cultivation in the Costiera: therefore it is a walk immersed in the nature and in the vegetation. It is often advisable to follow the path together with a tourist guide that illustrates in detail the historical, agronomic, anthropological and economical characters of the lemon cultivation. From a panoramic point of view, the walk is very pleasant but limited compared to the Sentiero degli Dei. The route is not very long but can take up to 5 hours! Obviously taking into account the various stops to rest, to take photographs and to eat something, perhaps in a typical trattoria along the way. 

Sport in the Matese Regional Park: canoeing and climbing

If you want to spend an alternative Easter Monday and go off the beaten track, there is a very simple solution: visit Cusano Mutri, in the Matese Regional Park. A real pearl that hides many secrets and offers all kinds of experiences. The park is perfect for lovers of trekking, wine tasting and canoening. There is the possibility to choose an adventure trail and cableways in the fascinating Conca Torta Gorge. It is possible to practice climbing on an artificial wall with different degrees of difficulty. There are picnic areas, rest areas for relaxing, a lake on which to go canoeing or kayaking, beautiful waterfalls and plenty of places for nature and photography lovers. A real adventure. 

Visit to the Vesuvius National Park

A unique experience is a visit to the Vesuvius National Park. Needless to say, it takes its name from Vesuvius, the volcano that has become a symbol of recognition for the city of Naples. It was on Vesuvius that the National Park was created. Inside the park, the so-called Sentieristica (footpaths) have been created, i.e. a series of 11 footpaths covering a total length of 54 km. We can find 'The Valley of Hell', 'Mount Somma', 'The Matron Road', 'The Gran Cone', 'The River of Lava' and much more. You are spoilt for choice. Along each route, there are specific signs for each path and information boards with the main emergency information, geological, historical and naturalistic information. Perhaps the most impressive route is the one leading to the Gran Cono, the mouth of the volcano. It is a unique experience to walk along the crater of Vesuvius. Moreover, the view is breathtaking because you can see almost the whole of Campania, as far as Lazio!

Easter Monday on the islands of Ischia, Capri and Procida

We are going to travel again and discover the islands of Campania: Ischia, Capri and Procida.

Three totally different places with many places to visit, typical dishes to try and views to admire at sunset.