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Naples (in Italian “Napoli”) is a metropolitan city located in the south of Italy. Naples is the third city in Italy for the population and the capital city of Campania region.

One of the most densely populated cities in the European Union, Naples is dominated by Vesuvius and Mount Somma and rises almost at the center of the homonymous gulf of Naples. The Neapolitan territory is bounded to the east by the Sorrentine Peninsula, to the west by the Phlegrean Fields, northwest-east from the southern slope of the plain that extends from Lake Patria to Nolano.

Naples is a hilly town, many of which exceed 150 meters high and reach 452 meters above sea level as the hilltop of the Camaldoli, the highest in the city. The hills and heights allow you to admire the breathtaking panorama of the city from different points, discover them all on our page dedicated to panoramic points in Naples.

From the hills to the islands, coves and peninsulas overhanging the Tyrrhenian Sea, Naples offers tourists strong emotions, unique odors and unmistakable flavors.

The myth of Parthenope

The foundation of the city of Naples is closely linked to the myth of the Siren Parthenope or Partenope.
A version of the myth tells that the siren Parthenope, in love with the hero Ulysses, committed suicide by throwing himself to the sea from a cliff. His body was transported from the waves on the Neapolitan beaches, where the town of Parthenope would arise in his honor.
Other versions tell of the escape on the islet of Megaride (small island of Naples on which stands the Castel dell’Ovo) of the siren with a mortal Greek, and the foundation of the city by the couple.

From this myth comes the definition of parthenopes that still today identifies the Neapolitans. Read more stories about Naples in our Travel Diary.

Neapolitan Pizza

The culture of Naples and the “Neapolitan identity”

Naples, a city full of culture and popular tradition, hosts a warm and folkloric people. The great spirit of belonging to the city and a strong identity (called in italian “Napoletanità“) make Neapolitans a unique people of its kind.

Full of cultural contamination, traditional Neapolitan cuisine is known for inventing pizza, the most popular food in the world. In Naples you can eat the best pizza in the world in one of the best pizzerias in Naples.

Neapolitan classical music is another boon of Naples, famous all over the world with songs like “O ‘Sole Mio“, “Funiculì Funiculà“, “Reginella” and many more, it is a soundtrack for the life of the Neapolitans.

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