Naples is a beauty all year round, but in the summer its wonders are enhanced to the nth degree. Let's experience the summer in Naples, we are waiting for you.

Summer in Naples: what to do in the city

Naples and summer are a perfect duo. It is a combination of  Neapolitan art, culture, tradition and the breathtaking views and panoramas that the city offers, which embodies an intrinsic magic. Already in the Neapolitan dialect, the summer takes on a predominant position. In fact, in Naples, the summer becomes ‘a staggione', the season par excellence. But let's see what to do in Naples during the summer.

Obviously, it could be superfluous to invite you to enjoy the panorama of Naples, but the view during a summer sunrise or sunset, from the most suggestive points of the city is really among the most beautiful things in life. From the Vomero hill to the Posillipo hill, passing through the seafront and the beautiful terraces of the center, all these places offer beautiful emotions.

Summer in Naples: tour in the underground of the city

One of the most evocative and inviting element in Naples is the underground city. The underground Naples is a destination to visit at any time of year, but during the hot summer season, the city below offers fresh and pleasant environments to visit thanks to the peculiar characteristics of the tuff of which it is composed and to the large water tanks it hides inside. During the hottest times of the summer, why not visit the tunnels and mysterious wonders of the underground city?

Summer in Naples: a walk in archaeological areas

Over underground Naples, the civilizations that populated Naples have left, more or less, indelible traces on the city, which come to life again, during the summer. Pompeii, Herculaneum, Paestum, the Pausylipon complex, the Puteolan amphitheater, etc. they are often places of events and shows throughout the summer. From night walks among the remains of the cities under Vesuvius, to the twilight shows in the amphitheaters of Pompeii, Pozzuoli and Pausylipon, these places come back to life, often according to ancient tradition. Don't miss the chance to discover the revived Greco-Roman civilization.

Summer in Naples: at the sea in a protected area, the submerged Park of the Gaiola

During summer, for some years, one of the most popular activities in Naples is the visit by canoe or kayak of the submerged Park of the Gaiola, a piece of gulf, that includes the land from Marechiaro to the Baia dei Trentaremi, and which hosts volcanological, archaeological and biological elements. The archaeological areas concern ports, water lilies and other places belonging to the imperial Posillipo manor, while the biology of its seabed presents an intense vivification of its waters, which allowed the settlement of numerous marine species typical of the whole Mediterranean sea. Through the canoe or kayak trip you can enjoy these beauties in close contact with them.

Summer in Naples: the beauties of the gulf will make your eyes shine

The Gulf of Naples contains incredible beauties, which are all worth a visit. There are several possibilities to visit the whole gulf by boat, starting from the city center you can visit the beauties of the Sorrento peninsula bordering the Gulf of Salerno, admiring the beauties of Amalfi, Sorrento and Positano, passing through the Campania islands, Ischia, Procida, Capri, Nisida and the smaller islands, up to the mythical Phlegraean coast, with Pozzuoli, Baia and Capo Miseno.

Summer in Naples: enjoy the city's street food

Walking through the streets and tunnels of Naples, is a multi-sensory experience, over the beauties to listen and see, there is also a tradition and a city to savor. In the historic center of Naples, but also in front of the panorama of the gulf, streetfood has undergone evolutions and contaminations in Naples. The Neapolitan culinary tradition has evolved to be consumed walking around the city. They range from the inevitable pizza, with all its variations, to the famous cuoppo of fries, from the typical dishes offered in an itinerant way to the famous taralli on the seashore, to the confectionery specialties such as the sfogliatella and the babà.