Where gone eat pizza on the street in Naples

It doesn't matter if you are more glutton or romantic: Naples will satisfy you in the same way!

Naples is one of the cities with the best offer of street food in Italy. The absolute queen is the pizza: Neapolitan one and only!

But if you would like to satiate not only your mouth but also your eyes, Naples will not disappoint at all. It is rich in gazes and panorama spots, which will let you lost of words. 

And then, why do you need to speak? Let's gone eat!

Here you are some of the most landscaped spots in Naples where you will stand open-mouthed for the beautiful landscape, for then you will fill it biting your pizza slice. 

Eating pizza in front of the panorama of Belvedere San Martino

Belvedere San Martino is one of the most famous panoramic spots in Naples. It is in the hilly area of Vomero and offers an overlooked view on the rooftops of the city and Vesuvius

It is about 250 meters above sea level. You will have fun finding out the green roof of Santa Chiara Monastery and the historical centre with Spaccanapoli. 

Neapolitan youth eats with friends a takeaway pizza here, sit on the bench or the wall. Sometimes they have a toast and cut the cake to celebrate special happenings. 

After you have eaten your pizza, you can "digest" walking along with Petraio steps. They fastly link two spots apparently far from each other: Vomero hill and the beautiful Corso Vittorio Emanuele - another landscaped place in the city where to enjoy the postcard view of Naples -.  

About landscapes, in San Martino, there is Castel Sant'Elmo too. From its terrace, you can enjoy one of the tallest views of Naples. 

Eating pizza in the street on the Naples waterfront

Not exist a more romantic place in Naples than Mergellina dock! We have a landscape on the sea, the Gulf of Naples and pizza certainly doesn't miss. Lungomare offers a great choice of pizzerias where enjoy in taste and beauty. 

But if you don't want to eat pizza, sit at the table, but stay closer to the sea. You can eat it on the searocks and enjoy all four senses: view by the panorama, taste by pizza, smell by the salt aroma of the sea mixed with the tasty one of pizza, touch by the hand and face of your beloved person. 

Once you have climbed the rocks, the end of the dock will gift you a unique view. It is a beautiful spot in a solo way: only you in the middle of the sea with the Vesuvius who spies you Castel Dell'Ovo who wants to steal the show. A similar view is available also from Rotonda Diaz, on the famous Lido Mappatella, where between dives splash and the docking and leaving of fisherman's boats, you will enjoy your pizza. 

Naples from above: a pizza from the Terrazza di Sant'Antonio and Belvedere di Posillipo

Sant'Antonio Terrace in Posillipo is one of the best-landscaped spots in the city and the Gulf of Naples. If you decide to eat here your takeaway pizza, it is good that you know a thing: you take the risk that a photographer could unintentionally take a picture of you while you bite your slice. It is why the terrace is one of the favourite locations for wedding shootings. 

Anyway, you will certainly not be alone. Many Neapolitans stop here to feast their eyes (and their taste), enjoying one of the most beautiful and romantic canvases for a postcard of Naples. 

From the terrace, 13 ramps or descents unfold. They come from the Spanish domination in the 17th century. Walking on them, you will discover fantastic corners and glims of Naples, known and less known, until to arrive at Mergellina, in Piazza Sannazzaro

Always in Posillipo, there is the same name Belvedere. Belvedere of Posillipo is perfect for enjoying the panorama and a takeaway pizza.

Placed at a lower height than Sant'Antonio Terrace, but despite this, it offers a breathtaking panorama. A view that stretches along the coast, where you can see Palazzo Donn'Anna. It places on the sea and where legend and reality mix each other. 

A pizza in the highest point of Naples: Eremo dei Camaldoli

Maybe would you like to eat your takeaway pizza in a quiet place and on the highest spot in Naples? And maybe would you like to take a great selfie?

So, ladies and gentlemen, we are 485 meters above the water level in the area of the Eremo Dei Camaldoli. It is a Monastic Complex founded in 1585 by Giovanni D'Avalos, son of Alfonso III D'Avalos. 

The Belvedere is located outside the beautiful church and offers an unforgettable panorama from the top. Not just Vesuvius, Lungomare and historical centre, but also Sorrento Coast and Capo Posillipo, the three islands of the gulf (Ischia, Procida and Capri), Vomero hill and the suburbs of Fuorigrotta, Soccavo, Agnano, Pozzuoli and Campi Flegrei. When the weather is good, from Camaldoli hill, you will enjoy a splendid and spacious view of most of Campania, till the Lazio and Sannio mountains, included Roccamonfina massif, Ponza islands and Matese plateau.  

The only "downside" of this landscaped spot is the respect of the closing time, which is very strict, considering that the Belvedere is Frati Camaldolesi property. 

Panoramic view in Via Salvatore Rosa

The last panoramic spot that we want to suggest for enjoying your pizza on the street is a little unusual and not known to the most. Via Salvatore Rosa is a way station. Often, people passing by indifferent and stressed by traffic, without giving it the fair value. Here there is a strongly panoramic small open space ables to gift infinitive beauty.

The youth of this area often decide to sit on the benches here for eating pizza or some street food else. Or they go to enjoy the splendid Vesuvius and Gulf view just.

The best time for enjoying the spot is in the dawn. Indeed, people stop here after the celebrations of New Year's Eve. They go to admire the first light sun in the city in the new year.